Tuesday, September 11, 2012

31dc2012 - day 11

Good afternoon! This post coming to you from my dad's office! We got hit with a tropical storm this morning here in Newfoundland and my power is knocked out.
My neighbor's tree messed up the power lines going into my house so I probably won't have power for a while.

Not wanting to mess up my 31 Day Challenge, I decided to head over to my dad's office where there is power and internet, and complete my post!
(I had other things I needed to do too, I'm not fully nuts. And the storm is over really so it isn't like I am out braving a storm. Haha!)

The theme for today's challenge is Dots. Long live dot manicures.

I took this manicure idea from Katy at Nailed It! Gradiated dots look really cool! Katy is a smart cookie.

I knew which colors I wanted to use for the dots but I had a hard time deciding on the base color. I felt like using my go-to nude again but that would be three times already in the challenge so I didn't wanna go there.
I looked into my Color Club drawer and I said "Screw it! I'm using pink!"

The blues are:
China Glaze - For Audrey
China Glaze - Shower Together
China Glaze - First Mate
And I used my fave pink:
Color Club - Peppermint Twist

I think the color combo is really unexpected and that makes it fun!

To create the dots, I used 2 different sized dotting tools. I started with the lightest color, and then the medium, and then the dark. I found it easiest to do the main dots all first and then go back in with the smaller ones to create an even dispersion.

iPhone pic! Sometimes I just love how my iPhone captures my manis.

What do you guys think of this simple-and-fun dot mani?
Thank you for the inspiration, Katy!

Hopefully my power will return soon... Adios!


  1. So sorry to hear about your power outage! We are doing fine here in Ontario :-) I am currently wearing a black dot mani over a nude and it looks awesome :-)...but I really love this bubble gum hot pink! Lovin the colours you used....might have to change minnnnne now hahaha. Take care!

  2. Leslie gave us a whole day of rain yesterday. Hope it isn't too bad there compared to the flood Truro got. Thanks for posting even without power :)

  3. So Pretty! I love your color choice for the dots, they go so well with the pink.

  4. The blue against the pink looks really f'ing amazing!!

  5. Love the dots but I don't think I would have chosen the pink. Pink is not really my thing though so don't take that to heart. ;)

    Will try to do the dots one day soon!

  6. I love the pink on you and it really makes the blues pop. I just ordered some dotting tools and can't wait to get them. In the meantime, I think I'm going to try a pin in the eraser trick to see if I can do a dot mani. I know it won't look nearly as cool as yours though. :0)

  7. Dots are always so fun I never get tired of them- like leopard print -which I think of as a neutral-ha! I love this pink so much but the nail supply shop in my neighborhood never has it! It's the prefect bubble gum pink. Which is surprisingly hard to find.

  8. I looove the color combo, I think pink was the perfect choice for the base.

  9. This looks great! :) Props to your dad for letting you use his office, my dad hates the smell of polish and wouldn't even let me paint my nails in the same room as him in our house with windows open! lol

  10. I really wish I had the patience for this, it looks amazing :( Oh well, I'll have to drool over your pictures for now ;)

    [ savanahuh.blogspot.com ]

  11. You're so welcome! Thank you for picking awesome colors to represent the technique! I completely regret my color choices but YOURS are dreamy. <3

  12. That gradient looks great! Gosh, I am so spoiled, I have loads of great inspirations everywhere I look. I need like ten hands to do all the nails I want to paint! This is gorgeous, Rebecca :)

  13. I love this manicure!! I like the blues with the pink :)

  14. this looks amazing! I love how the colors work together!

  15. Rebecca, i really adore your blog, i'm also a nailart-blogger :)
    i just nominated and sent you this, a versatile-blogger-awards <3