Friday, September 21, 2012

31dc2012 - day 21

Hello and welcome to the third and final section of the 31 Day Challenge... If the challenge were a baby, we would be in the third trimester. Haha!

The theme for Day 21 is Inspired By A Color.
Just like last year, I've decided to be inspired by a nail polish color, and not just a color in general. It's way easier to pull inspiration from a quirky polish name than just a color!
Here's what I ended up with:

Can you guess what polish inspired this nautical look?

Any guesses? Nautical... Navy...

This manicure started out with OPI - Russian Navy Suede. Did you guess it right?

I lurrrrrrrve the OPI Suedes and I wish OPI would make more.
I did the stamping with Konad Special White - the anchor image is from Bundle Monster BM08, the stars are from Konad M3, and the stripes are from an Essence plate with no number.
I did the red dots with OPI - Friar Friar Pants On Fire.

This is a simple nautical navy inspired manicure but I think it turned out really cute!
And I just love the shimmer in Russian Navy Suede.
OPI, give me suedes in every color. PLEASE.


  1. This is so cute and very, very nautical! Love!

  2. I did guess right- ha! I love nautical themed designs. This is awesome!

  3. I love everything nautical and this is the best! Great job, as always!

  4. It looks great !! I must have this on my nails :D

  5. These are so pretty! Every time you post about the OPI Suedes it makes me want them more.

  6. Woop, woop, totally guessed that it was Russian Navy Suede. Loooove the suedes. I think my fav is YDNJ Suede. Love how this manicure turned out- such a cute nautical theme.

  7. So awesome, I love everything about this mani!!