Monday, September 17, 2012

31dc2012 - day 17

Hey! Second post today for my Day 17 manicure!

The theme for today is Glitter.

I didn't go for anything extravagant today because I just didn't have time! I slapped on one glitter polish and called it a day.
I will have to do a crazy glitterbomb mani when the challenge is over to make up for it.

Lush Lacquer - Birthday Cake
This is a super cute indie polish from Lush Lacquer! I should have used this in my birthday manicure. Haha! At least I used it during my birthday month, right? It's only 4 days after... Haha!

I layered 2 coats of this polish over a white creme. I find that this polish looks very different in some people's photos, so there may be some variation between bottles. That's one of the cool and also uncool things about indies. Haha! It's nice to have unique things but sometimes you may not get what you're expecting.
Either way, however this polish looks, it is cute as hell!

Now I am off to ponder my half-moon mani for tomorrow. Hmmmmmmmm.


  1. Love this - all white jelly bases get me!

  2. This is such a pretty polish! And I say it counts that you wore it in your birthday month :)

  3. I got this polish to use for my birthday and never used it... what's wrong with me?!

  4. Wow good enough to eat! Love it, very pretty x

  5. What a fantastic glitter, it seems you have a party in your nails!
    Tuli from PrettifyourNails

  6. ,,Only 4 days after..."
    Wait, happy bday ! XD

  7. beautiful! and such great swatches! :)

  8. This is so cute and pretty! I love it!

  9. this one is so pretty :) can't wait to see the half moon!

  10. Pretty, looks so much like Sugar Daddy

  11. Where can I buy it? It is amazing :)

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