Monday, March 31, 2014

Essence - You Rock! Collection

Yesterday I posted old Essence spam. And today? More!
I found another bunch of swatches hidden away in the depths of my computer. Even though this collection is no longer current, I can't just delete them without posting them.

Aren't these bottles cute? The lovely Caroline from Good Lack Nail sent me these probably 2 years ago when I was a total swapaholic. But don't ask me why I swatched them right away and then didn't post them.

Essence - Cut off the Beige 
Really interesting beige/taupe shade with shimmer. 

Essence - King of Mints
Blue-turquoise with shimmer.

Essence - Let Me In Pink
Standard pink creme. I can see in the photo that I don't think the formula was very good. It is showing off all the imperfections in my nails at the time. (What was I doing to them?! They look so damaged!)

Essence - Speed of Light Blue
Light blue, shimmer visible in the bottle but not really on the nail. Nice fresh and clean shade.

Essence - Love Peace and Purple
The star of the collection! A dupe (or very close to) Chanel's famous Paradoxal.Very strong purple shimmer in the purplish gray base. Lovely!

Again, no idea why these ended up on the "cutting room floor" or maybe "swatching room floor" for so long. They are really nice polishes! 
I think I might go put on that last one.
But after I watch the finale of How I Met Your Mother and bawl for an hour.


  1. The bottles are cute! Some pretty shades in this collection too :)

  2. Ouuu, very pretty! I find it difficult to remember what swatches/pictures I have posted because they are all grouped in the same folder. This post reminded me of how terrible I am at filing my manicures, so thanks for the unintentional reminder to get organized! :)

  3. great collection, and i am so happy to call "love peace and purple" and "king of mints" my own ;-)