Saturday, March 1, 2014

february haul 2014

Thank goodness it's haul time because I'm hella sick of February and all the snow it has brought. Come on spring!

I picked up these two polishes at Walmart. They screamed at me. I couldn't help it.
Maybelline - Nighttime Noise
Maybelline - Blue Beats

Got a polish in my Ipsy bag! Not the one I had hoped for, though.
Zoya - Dot

I amazed myself (and the sales ladies) at my supply store by only buying the minis from the OPI Brazil collection. I'll definitely get more but there were none I needed to have right away.
OPI - Samba-dy Loves Purple (mini)
OPI - I'm Brazil Nuts Over You (mini)
OPI - What's a Little Rain Forest?(mini)
OPI - You're So Flippy Floppy (mini)  

I got a fantastic secret swap from the lovely Caroline of Good Lack Nail!
OPI - Done Out In Deco
Nails Inc - Princes Arcade
Butter London - Victoriana
Essence - Fantastic Girl
Essence - The Incredible

Two more I bought this month without pictures:
L'Oreal - Hidden Gems
Nicole by OPI - One Time Lime ($3 on clearance)

I think that's it? What?!


  1. Great haul for the month! I know what you mean about the weather too. Its not snowing where I live but its so cold and windy.

  2. Great haul! I've had MANY polishes scream at me! I bought one last weekend just because it was put away in the wrong location in the store. I felt like it was a sad little orphan and I needed to give it a home! :D

  3. i love winter n spring ^^ great haul btw

  4. I love your haul posts :) Glad you liked the secret swap :))

  5. Wow! Girl, how many things you have...

  6. You were pretty good this month! Compared to your previous hauls anyway hehe :) butter Victoriana is one of my favorites!

  7. I probably don't need to say it, but use a super strong base coat with One Time Lime!! It stained my nails flourescent green and I COULD NOT get it off, no matter what I tried.


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