Sunday, March 30, 2014

Essence Swatch Spam

I hope you're in the mood for swatch spam...
I just stumbled upon a folder that was totally stocked with swatches of some of the old-style Essence Color&Go polishes. I think I took them two years ago! Obvi the pics aren't my current standard but they are pretty decent! Good enough to post for sure.

Essence - High Spirits 
Dusty army green with silver shimmer. Really like this one which is why I put it first.

Essence - Gleam In Blue
Light metallic blue, kinda frosty.

Essence - Black is Back
No description needed. I like to use this black because it doesn't stain the way my old go-to black did.

Essence - Glamorous Life
Ooooh, pretty glass-fleck pink.

Essence - In Style
Tealish blue shimmer. Lil' bit frosty.

Essence - Luxury Secret
Gunmetal gray metallic shimmer. Kinda frosty too but that is more hidden with the metallic finish.

Essence - Modern Romance
Semi-sheer peach with pinky shimmer. 

Essence - Make It Golden
Gold glitter and shimmer topcoat. Very lovely.

Essence - Nude It!
A nice neutral nude.

Essence - Time for Romance
Pink glitter and holo glitter in a sheer dark pink base. In this picture it's layered over a metallic pink I think.

Essence - Ultimate Pink
Standard pink creme.

Essence - Wake Up!
Bright orange creme.

Essence - Wanna Be Your Sunshine
Yellow creme with some subtle shimmer. 

Essence - Walk on Air
Royal blue creme, a biiiit jelly.

Essence - Walk of Fame
Nice neutral taupe creme.

Bonus swatch:

Essence Nail Art Topper - Hello Holo
Some nice holo glitter in a clear base! Not as small as the glitter in, say, CG Fairy Dust, so this gives a different and more obvious glitter effect. I'm a fan!

Phew! That was a lot of swatches. I just remembered I did a spam of these before as well - see that here.

I miss the bottle and brush of these old little Essence polishes. I have so many. At one point I had a list of them all and I was going to try to get all of them... But then they changed the bottle and I said "f'get about it."


  1. There all very nice colors. I need to get some now :)

  2. I'm moving back to a place in California where there is NO access to Essence. I'm gonna have to stock up on all I can get my hands on before I leave!

  3. I seriously need to pick up more Essence. I love the ones I have and I always love the swatches I see online!

  4. it's funny to see those again, I have maybe one left (was never a big fan of the bottles with the matching cap :S)! But I'm happy that the new essence polishes (despite the brush and the interesting bottle shape) are much much better in terms of formula.

  5. I also miss these old bottles...I liked them better than the new ones.

  6. I actually like the new bottles more than those small 5ml ones and in terms of colors I absolutely adore Time for Romance (I own 2 bottles cuz they just discontinued it, such a shame) and the first one High Spirits is amazing, too bad I don't have it

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