Tuesday, March 25, 2014

OPI - I'm Feeling Sashy

Hey everyone! Before I start this post I wanna take a moment to mention the changes happening to Facebook for pages. You probably have seen people mentioning this already: Facebook is going to be showing posts from pages like mine to less and less people. For example, I have 8.5k "likes," but in recent weeks only around 300 people get to see any posts I make. That's a tiny amount! Scrolling back a few months, 2,000 people were seeing every post.
A Facebook spokesperson said, “the best way to get your stuff seen if you’re a business is to pay for it.” Frankly, I am not paying Facebook to share posts that I create and share for free.

This means you may not receive my content anymore in your news feed. If you want to be sure you get my updates, head over and try to interact with my page! Like something, comment on something, post something. If you interact, you should be able to keep seeing posts from me.

If you wanna be even more positive that you'll get my updates, why not subscribe via email? The box to sign up is in my side bar.
You can also follow me on Twitter. I don't use it much, but as of today I'm gonna be sure to post all new blog posts on there, in case some readers prefer to catch up with me that way.
And if you wanna interact with me even more, you can check out my Instagram! I love me some IG.

And now let's see some polish!

OPI - I'm Feeling Sashy
This is a nice dusty purple polish from the Miss Universe 2013 collection. Originally I passed on this color, but then a few people said it reminded them of Parlez-Vous OPI? and then immediately I wanted it because I love that color so much. They're not quite the same, but... Hold on, maybe I should do a comparison. Lemme go do that...

Tada! It's been a while since I did one of these!
Parlez-Vous OPI? is the more gray of the two shades, and it also has a better formula than I'm Feeling Sashy, which can be a bit patchy if you aren't careful. I think they look more similar in the bottle than they do on the nail.

Verdict? If you are looking to soothe your desire for PVOPI, I don't think this will cut it. But it is a really nice shade on its own!
In my next post I'll be showing the mani I wore with this polish! Hint: it involves glitter.


  1. I do love dusty purples. It's more plummy and warm than Parlez-Vous (which, btw, if anyone wants a decent dupe of that, I think Zoya Jana is quite close).

    And, thanks for the heads-up about Facebook. I noticed my already-relatively-small number of people seeing each post was going down. I thought nobody liked me anymore D: instead it's just FB being twats. Fair enough... to Twitter we go.

  2. I actually joined Facebook recently... under pressure from some of my real-life girlfriends who don't use instagram/bloglovin' or anything else most nail bloggers use... I feel like it's kind of a waste of time to be honest... 300 people out of your 8000 or so see your post... you can imagine how many people out of my 80 followers see mine :'( I dunno if I'll bother to keep updating my Facebook... I might just keep it because I heard there's really cool nail challenge groups on there although I haven't got around to exploring those anyway yet... I really like Parlez-Vous OPI :) I can definitely see the difference between the two colors side by side but I feel like if you wore one color one day, and the other the next, people might think they're the same. And boyfriends like mine probably wouldn't be able to tell them apart... even on the nail up close... lol

  3. Great color! And I feel you on the FB thing. Perhaps we could start a movement for everyone to cancel their FB accounts...

  4. Facebook really is becoming a PITA. Why do I even bother updating my page if no one is going to see it anyway? On a happier note, I like this color on you :)

  5. ¡Qué color tan bonito!

  6. I am absolutely in love with OPI's I'm Feeling Sashy! The pink hue is so beautiful, and the sparkles really make it stand out. ipvanish promo code It's a great choice to dress up any look, and it lasts a long time too. Highly recommend.