Monday, September 1, 2014

31DC2014: Day 1

Here we go once again down this fun/insane trail called the 31 Day Challenge. This marks the fourth time that I have embarked on this journey, and as much as it may annoy and frustrate me over the course of the month, I can't wait to see where it pushes me this time!
If you're unfamiliar with the challenge, my pal (and fellow 31DC enforcer) Chalkboard Nails has posted a nice little FAQ here that sums it all up.

Usually something happens during the month that makes it very difficult for me to complete the challenge such as the blackout of 2012 that had me going to my dad's office for electricity so I could post, or 2013 when I went to Chicago and had to schedule like a week's worth of challenge posts in advance. This year's crisis is already planned: I have to have dental surgery on the 9th and I am already FREAKING THE HELL OUT so hopefully I can get some posts scheduled in advance. Thank you, tooth, for being too big and growing into my sinus cavity. I really wanted that.

Anywayzzzzzz, the theme for day one is red! I decided to try out a red polish I've been meaning to try since I picked it up in Florida, and I wanted to combine it with a trendy design.

OPI - Over & Over a Gwen
This polish was created by Gwen Stefani as her signature color. It's your standard cherry red with a formula that is on the line between creme and jelly. Not overly exciting but makes sense because I can't really picture Gwen wearing anything else! Red nails and red lips, that's her style.

I'm not usually one to wear straight up red (my hair has enough of that going on) so I combined the red with some pink for a fun gradient! I used OPI - Hotter Than You Pink because I knew the shimmer would really pop and make for a nice transition. Once that was done, I added a chevron stamp because chevron is always a good idea. The stamp is from Bundle Monster BM-423.

One down, thirty to go.
Are you gonna bravely accept the challenge? Can't wait to see everyone's designs!

Now take a walk down memory lane and check out my previous Day 1 designs:


  1. I like your take on red! I had dental surgery a couple of weeks ago that involved bone grafting and such. The best advice I can offer is to take your meds on a steady schedule for the first few days. Don't wait until they wear off all the way, the goal is to stay ahead of any pain. Also ice, lots of ice, and you'll be better than ever before you know it!

  2. Love your take on this prompt! Pink definitely falls under red in this challenge! :p

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