Tuesday, September 2, 2014

31DC2014: Day 2

Day 2 of the 31 Day Challenge is one of my least favorite days because I just don't like orange. I try and try... But nope.
But on the bright side, this prompt means I get to post the other design I did for PP Blog Fest but chose not to post on that day. Hooray for recycling!

Can you tell what inspired me? ORANGE CHOCOLATE. A true love of mine.
It has come to my attention previously that some of you poor American folk (and likely Europeans also) have not experienced the joy that is a Terry's Chocolate Orange, and I feel truly sorry for you. I would like to personally send you all one, or at least a piece of one.

The orange polish I used is Picture Polish - Totes. It's citrus-y and not pumpkin-y, so this shade is one I find more wearable than others.
The chocolate is Picture Polish - Malt Teaser.

As I said, I was creating this for Blog Fest, so I was experimenting with nail vinyls. That's what I used for the lines creating the orange wedge.
This manicure is still not my favorite but I enjoyed playing with the vinyls! 

Now take a walk down memory lane and check out my previous Day 2 designs:


  1. Ha, I immediately got an association to (orange) chocolate, but my true love is Lindt's orange filled chocolate :) (though the packaging isn't as awesome).
    Anyway, this "totes" shade is a pretty lovely one.

  2. I like the design you did with the tape here!

  3. Sometimes, I hate Internet ... and the bloggers :-)))
    (epicerie anglaise for british grocery)
    I MUST order some.
    I hate you but I adore your recycled nail art :-)))

  4. Yaaaaaay! Someone else who dislikes orange! I just can't, and there are times I like it on other people, but not on me. Blech. Cute idea, and you've made me hungry for a chocolate orange!!!