Wednesday, September 3, 2014

august haul 2014

Time for my August haul! It's really not much of a haul though.
I also meant to post this on Sunday so it wouldn't interrupt my challenge posts, however, I suck at remembering things, and I have more stuff to interrupt with later anyway so whatevs. 

Picture Polish Blog Fest came and went, which added these three to my collection:
Picture Polish - Totes
Picture Polish - Malt Teaser
Picture Polish - Grace 

I redeemed my polish points on Nail Polish Canada for a free polish and bought one as well:
Color Club - Wicker Park
Picture Polish - Blogger

#thatawkwardmoment when you forget you bought something until you unpack a makeup bag you took with you on vacation. Three months ago.
Ciaté - Ride My Rocket
Ciaté - Fancy Pants
Ciaté - Risky Business

Besides that, I only picked up one other thing, a clearance polish. Duh.
OPI - All Sparkly and Gold

Therefore I only purchased THREE polishes this month! Total win. (Or total fail in some books.) 
How did you do with your polish habit?