Thursday, September 18, 2014

31DC2014: Day 18

Here's a fun fact about me: I am afraid of the moon. It creeps me out!!
However, I am not afraid of today's theme - Half Moon Mani!

Sometimes I feel like challenging myself and today was one of those times. I saw Pink & Polished's take on today's prompt and the outline looked so coool, and it reminded me of those hot swimsuits and bras that are like pastel colors with black trim. So I decided to go for that look!

I started with China Glaze - Lotus Begin as my base color. It was a bit difficult to deal with and kinda runny. It needed three coats for coverage which didn't make me happy but it did dry quick.
I used a small detail brush to do the outlines with black acrylic paint. It took a lot of patience and a steady hand but I am really pleased with how I did!

What do you guys think?
Now take a walk down memory lane and check out my previous day 18 designs:


  1. Nice job outlining the nails and creating the half moon shape! That purple base is pretty.

  2. Great desing! I have to try to something like that in the future :)


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