Wednesday, September 18, 2013

31DC2013 - day 18

20 minutes to go and here is my challenge post for today!
The theme for day 18 is Half Moon Manicure.

I got up today to do nails for a friend (which were BOMB and I need to get a picture of) and I ended up taking a nap... And slept until I had to go to work tonight. HA! So my nails had to wait until I got home at 10:30... And it took me an hour to settle on a design (and make an order from Forever 21...) And here I am!

Half moon glitter! I've always wanted to do a manicure with a gold glitter half moon but I never wanted to take the time to paint the base, let it dry, and add the stickers to do the flawless half moon.
So today I thought, "Hey, let's do a matte base and then I can put the stickers on right away!"

Wrong. Even though I used a matte base the stickers pulled up the polish.
So I fixed my booboo, and decided to add the glitter on freehand. I didn't have time for anything else!
I'm pretty shocked at how I managed to freehand the glitter on so well, and so quick. It only took a couple minutes!

I loveeeee gold lately. All gold everything.
The gold is Milani - Gold Glitz from the One Coat Glitter range.
The matte base is OPI - Gargantuan Green Grape Matte and it sadly needs three coats to be opaque which somewhat defeats the lovely characteristic that mattes have of drying solid super quick. 

Here's how it looked before I added topcoat.

Luv luv. Glad I managed to knock this out in time! 


  1. I like this a lot! I need that gold polish in my life too!


    1. I like it! I never used to like gold, but I am warming up to it lately just as you are. Not bad! x دانلود آهنگ های ایرانی

  2. I like it! I never used to like gold, but I am warming up to it lately just as you are. Not bad! x

  3. I like the mani and the green colour is pretty :)
    new follower here :)

  4. I love these two polishes together! It looks great when the green is matte :)

  5. A perfect combination of green and gold. Adding a rhinestones in your nail art surely will make it much prettier and unique. You have the greatest nails art Rebecca.

  6. oooh i love this, the gold is so pretty and works with the green. very money bling :)

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