Wednesday, September 25, 2013

31DC2013 - day 25

Day 25 is Inspired By Fashion and I've got 25 minutes to write this post before midnight!

I work in a clothing store so I am always surrounded by cool clothes with nice patterns, and I chose one of my favorite Volcom shirts to mimic.

Tada! (Sorry for the little bits of black residue I could NOT get off and did not have time to get off.)

Because I needed something easy, I decided to go with a stamping image from Mash, plate Mash-42.
The base color is Color Club - Bright Night from the Kaleidoscope Collection and I stamped with Konad black special polish.
I also used Color Club topcoat from my Kaleidoscope set because it was nearby and I smeared my stamping a little. But my Seche Vite has been annoying me lately so whatevs.

But wait... I guess this kinda applies more to tomorrow's theme of Inspired by a Pattern, doesn't it? Oh well, this is a shirt!!!

Working in a clothing store where you like all the clothes is HARD. Good thing there's an employee discount!

I finished the post with 15 minutes to spare... Phew!


  1. I work at a body product store and I totally get the temptation thing. Luckily we get 30% off so it makes the occasional purchase go down a bit easier, haha! That blue is so fantastic, I love that you chose it for your base color.

  2. Sooo pretty! I have that Color Club polish too and to jazz it up I end up using glitter or rhinestones...but the stamping really makes the colour pop! Love it!

  3. I love that Color Club topcoat! I got a bottle in the Kaleidoscope collection set I got at Winners... It's almost out now though :( any idea where I can get more? I just went to Winners and they don't have any Color Club sets right now... I totally regret not buying more when they came out around Christmas last year!!

  4. this is perfect, love it! also that color is so perfect on you!


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