Friday, September 13, 2013

31DC2013 - day 13

Hey! It's my birthday! I'm in Chicago! I'm at Riot Fest! All is dandy.
And today is Animal Print day for the 31 Day Challenge! My favorite day, obvi.

Okay I cheated a tiny bit with this mani and added leopard over my gradient from Day 10, but can you blame me? I had to do almost a whole week of posts in advance...

The gradient was done with two polishes, Ciate - Pepperminty and Ciate - Kiss Chase. I used a sponge (and patience) to create the look.

I added dots with one of my all time faves, China Glaze - That's Shore Bright, a neon purple. I just did messy dots with the polish brush.

And then I added the black detail with a small dotting tool.

Gradients with leopard print are just so beautiful to me and I would seriously wear this every day if I could only choose one type of design for the rest of my life. Soooooo into it. And I know you guys are too!!
Prob one of my favorite manis ever.
Happy birthday to me!


  1. So cute! I love the colours!!

    Happy Birthday!!
    xo Maddy | spilledpolish

  2. Gradients with leopard print is gorgeous, love the colours here. Happy birthday!! :)

  3. Happy Birthday on Friday the 13th!! That's so awesome!

  4. This is SO freaking cute!! GAH!! I love the purple leopard over the pink and blue gradient... it's really spunky and funky without being too cutesy. Awesome job, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLFRIEND!! Hope you have an amazing weekend =D

  5. Your leopard print nails are always my favorite! Have a great birthday!!

  6. Love the mani! AND I'M SO DANG JEALOUS! WIshing Chicago was a little bit closer to Maryland. Hope Riot Fest is a blast and have an amazing birthday!!!

  7. omg! sooo gorgeous! and happy b-day <3 :)

  8. Happy b'day - and I love, love this gradient leopard!

  9. Happy birthday! I love leopard gradients too, these are some great colours :)

  10. this is gorgeous!! have an amazing birthday!!

  11. Cheated? You made an amazing leopard nail-art!
    Happy (belated) birthday!