Tuesday, September 10, 2013

31DC2013 - day 10

Day 10! We are one third completed!
I am making this post from my phone while waiting for my class to start so please excuse me if it looks wonky or anything.

Today's theme is Gradient Nails

I love doing gradients so I love this day!

I decided to do a simple gradient with no other stuff on top to take away from the colors. And believe it or not I only used two polishes to create this look!

I used two colors from Ciaté that came in the Very Colourfoil Manicure sets (one of which I posted yesterday for my metallic mani and yes I went out and bought a second kit last night.)
The tiffany blue is Ciaté - Pepperminty and the pink is Ciaté - Kiss Chase
I did the gradient with a sponge as usual and I'm really pleased with how the colors blended. 

There's a pic of Pepperminty on its own for good measure. 

Thanks for making it through the first section of this challenge with me!
Take a look at the challenge pic to see what is still to come.


  1. This is beautiful. I love how the blue and the pink made that lovely purple in the middle. Awesome gradient =)

  2. Very nice! I like how you got that look with just two polishes. I won't buy Ciaté out of principle... but I have similar colours! I want to try this soon. I bet it would look super cute on toes!

  3. Great combination of colors, I love how this turned out!

  4. Yours turned out so smoothly with gorgeous colors!

  5. Just lovely - I have had really horrible experience with this brand and don't buy it now anymore - they were all watery and streaky - even had 2 with not usable brushes...those I did send back to Sephora

  6. this is a beautiful combination!

  7. Beautiful gradient! They really do blend well together :)


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