Tuesday, September 3, 2013

31DC2013 - day 3

Here is Day 3 of the 31 Day Challenge - Yellow!

I had these nails done with plenty of time however actually posting them slipped away from me... Just one hour to spare and here I am!

I am SO SO SO happy with my yellow nails! I think they are perfect!
I always love doing Andy Warhol inspired nails and maybe I should have saved this for the inspired-by-art day, but hey, I wanted bananas NOW.

My friend Hayley of Here Comes The Sun was the big reason why I wanted to do these so bad. She made them look so cute, I couldn't resist. Check out her version here.

As per usual, I used my preferred yellow polish for this manicure, Color Club - Almost Famous.
The nude base of the banana nails is OPI - My Vampire Is Buff, one of my fave nudes.
And the black was done with acrylic paint. (My first time using it for nail art!)

I wish I could wear this manicure for longer but alas I must create something green!
Off to put on my thinking cap...


  1. inspired by art? First thing I thought of was the minions! banana :)

  2. I love this food thing you have going on :D making me hungry!

  3. Love 'em! And I don't even like yellow, haha :)

  4. OMG this is sooooooo CUTE! I love it!

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