Saturday, September 14, 2013

31DC2013 - day 14

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Hey guys! Another scheduled post from me while on my trip. Today is the day I see blink-182... SO EXCITED.

Today's theme for the challenge is Flowers and today I will be showing something I've never shown on my blog before! Nail strips! Can you believe I've been a nail addict for over three years and never tried them before?

Aren't these fabulous?!

I was sent these strips for review from a company called OMG Nail Strips.
I was skeptical, having never tried these before and especially where I hadn't heard of the brand, but I am actually sooooo impressed.

You get 14 strips per package and there are many sizes however I have pretty small nail beds so I had to trim them for myself. The smallest strip in the pack actually fits my index and ring finger. Trimming them is very easy though, so that didn't bother me at all.

Once you match the size of the strip with your nail bed, you apply the strip and smooth it out. It stretches and conforms to your nail and is very easy to apply without bumps or wrinkles. 
As you can see, the strips are very long. Instead of wasting the extra, I trimmed the excess to fit the next nail! So I got 2 nails with every strip. 
To remove the excess, you lightly file downward to release the extra and create a perfect edge along your own nail. 
Here's their page for application instructions

They recommend you apply a topcoat for more longevity but I didn't even feel the need where they are glossy on their own and feel extremely secure. 
I'm actually wearing these for my trip!! 
Edit from during trip:
These strips lasted for 5 full days with not even so much as a lifted edge and I have been traveling, shopping, showering, everything. So impressed. They would have lasted much longer but I got antsy and picked them off at the concert tonight.

What I also like about them that they don't dry out like some strips can, so you can use them once and save the rest for later use. 

You can buy these strips from their website at
They are currently offering a 4 for $20 promotion with the coupon code “4pack” and 10 for $45 with the coupon code “10pack”.

Be sure to check out their Facebook page also for giveaways each month!

Press Sample


  1. The strips are so pretty, the pattern is just so nice!! :)

  2. i like these nail wraps, but im unsure if they would suit me! but theyre soo pretty haha!


  3. This is brilliant! I just received something similar with this I can't wait to try them on ^^

  4. THese are really pretty. I have not had good luck with nail strips in the past.... I'm too impatient to stretch and fit them to my nails, lol!