Saturday, September 28, 2013

31DC2013 - day 28

Hey guys! The 31 Day Challenge is finishing... today is Day 28! The theme is Inspired By A Flag.
I find this prompt to be a weird one because I don't see flags as particularly inspiring, but I thought of a good one this time, the TOMS flag!

White stripe on a blue background! Simple yet effective.

I used Essie - Rock The Boat as the base color. Three thin coats for full opacity. Let it dry with some Seche Vite and then I added the white stripes using Sally Hansen Insta Dri - Whirlwind White and some tape to make it sharp. Easy!

I sell Toms in the store where I work and I fully endorse them, not just because of their business plan but also because they are ridiculously comfortable.
Confession - I have 13 pairs. Maybe I'll Instagram a photo of all of them soon... Haha!