Saturday, September 21, 2013

31DC2013 - day 21

Hello to everyone who has been following me on the 31 Day Challenge! Not going to lie, I am happy the challenge is now in its final stage and I won't have to be doing it for much longer.
I'm getting burned out on these prompts!

The theme for day 21 is Inspired by a Color. This is always a weird theme because like, aren't the first 8 or 9 days basically that already?
I always choose to be inspired by a particular nail polish instead of a color.

The glitter here is OPI - Pink Yet Lavender. I think that is a really stupid name but it works for the color I wore underneath it, Orly - Lollipop
Today I was wearing a shirt that was actually the exact color of Lollipop and my mom said something along the lines of: "That shirt is pink but also like, lilac. I like it."
And my brain went PINK YET LAVENDER and that was how I decided on this manicure. 

However it did NOT cooperate with me because for some reason as soon as I touched it with topcoat it said NO and dragged and bubbled... I think it was due to a weird new bottle of Seche Vite.
Thus I didn't get to photograph the nails with the shirt but hey. You win some you lose some.

Pink Yet Lavender. Interesting choice Mariah Carey + OPI. 

Now what to do for the remaining 10 days...