Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Glitter Gal - Soft Violet

Today I've got the third polish review from Glitter Gal to show you! This one is different from the others and probably won't get so much love, but it is nice, in its own ways.

Glitter Gal - Soft Violet
This polish is from the new Transitions line from GG - sheer shimmer polishes that can be worn alone for a subtle look, or can be layered over other things to change the color.

On it's own, shown at 2 coats, it adds a nice pinky/purple shimmer to the nail. Great if you like doing french manicures and adding some "oomph" to the natural part of the nail.
Also, this is the type of color my mom adores wearing, just on its own.
There's definitely a market for this type of polish, even if it isn't something I would wear myself.

Layering is more fun!

That is one coat over black. It's a little bit streaky but I think that also had to do with poor application of the black polish underneath (I think my black needs some thinner!)
I really like the color it turns into though! 

Even better? Layering it over other GG polishes...

Here it is over Wild Violets over black. The combo of these was stunning! It added a purple sheen over the entire nail but did not hide the duochrome underneath. I loved it like this!

So overall, this polish might not be everyone's favorite, but I do think it has its place in the nail world. And it can create some seriously cool combos!

This polish is available on Ninja Polish for $17.95!
Product provided for honest review.


  1. It's so gorgeous over black!!

  2. reminds me of the CND violet shimmer (or one of those).
    love it over the black

  3. *screams in frustration*

    That's the dupe for Jordana's discontinued Lilac Frost that I've been searching for FOREVER! But... those are difficult to obtain in the USA, aren't they? :( :( :(

    I need to get my hands on that or another dupe so I can stop hoarding the last quarter of my bottle of Lilac Frost.

    1. hmm, im not sure where to get jordana. my mom got me one in vegas! but this one isn't hard to get - it's available on ninja polish and ships worldwide!!

    2. They have a website one can order from, but the specific polish I'm after is discontinued, so aside from *possibly* ebay (but since Jordana's a cheap brand I'm not hopeful), I don't think I'll be able to find another bottle. :(

      I might have to check out ninja polish, then!

    3. Sinful Colors has a polish that's pretty similar (I don't know if it's a true dupe) called "Let Me Go" if that helps.

  4. Wow, when you layered it over Wild Violets it looks amazing!

  5. Definitely has a place in the NP world! Very versatile. Like three polishes in one!

  6. Wow it looks like Catrice's Heavy Metallilac when you apply it over black!

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