Sunday, June 3, 2012

more China Glaze swatch spam

Good afternoon and welcome to yet another swatch spam post from yours truly!
I'm making my way through swatching and posting all of my polishes and these swatch spam posts really help me get it all done!
For some reason I really like doing swatch spam. I hope you guys don't mind it either!

Today's spam is China Glaze. Some blues, some crackles, some sheers, and a brown. Nice and random.
One or two of these swatches were done at different times so some are older and crappier but hey, they'll do.

China Glaze - Blue Sparrow (Neon)
Blue Sparrow is not exactly neon as the name says, but it's really vibrant and fun to wear! It's full of blue glitter, and dries a bit matte like most neon pigments do. This is 2 coats. Love it!

China Glaze - Dorothy Who?
This is a stunner that I think everyone should have in their collection! Two coats of lovely blue jelly packed with glitter.

China Glaze - Frostbite
This is an intensely vibrant blue shimmer that's almost metallic but not quite. This was one of the first CGs I bought because it really stands out in the big display at Sally's!

China Glaze - Cracked Concrete (Shown over Essence - Walk On Air.)
This is the slate gray crackle from CG, shown in the first photo with topcoat and the second photo without. It dries matte, as usual. Works pretty well! I don't think I've actually worn this one, I can't seem to think of a color it would look fantastic over. Undecided.

China Glaze - Lightning Bolt (Shown over Essence - Gleam In Blue)
Ah, Lightning Bolt. Somehow I got it to mostly work for this swatch!
The last time I tried to use it, it did not work at all. See here for that fail.  I am holding a grudge against this polish because of that fail. And now I have a white crackle that works amazingly, the one by Color Club. I hate this one so much that in fact I might even dump it out and use it for a franken bottle. Take that!!

China Glaze - Haute Metal (Shown over OPI - Paint My Moji-toes Red)
Sally Beauty put their crackles on clearance a month or two ago, and I picked up two of them. It was a useless purchase really because I don't think I'll be using them very often. Oh well, they were $3. 
This is the pink crackle from the Crackle Metals.
It worked pretty well, and I bet it would look nice over black. I like this one more than the next.

China Glaze - Latticed Lilac (Shown over OPI - Vampsterdam)
This is the purple Crackle Metal which really isn't very purple at all. It's basically silver. And as you can see, it didn't even crackle on two of my nails. I think I needed to shake it some more - it's like the pigment drops and you're left with basically clear polish in the top of the bottle. So it's sheer and weird. Meh.

China Glaze - Below Deck
A "purple-taupe" creme polish that covers in 2 coats. Sometimes I like this color and sometimes I don't. The formula is nice and it's always good to have neutrals.

China Glaze - Rainbow
This polish is certainly not a rainbow. It's a super sheer shimmer. The polish is a milky white in the bottle and gives just a hint of white on the nail, with a lot of pink shimmer. I've shown 3 coats here so I could capture it better in a photo, but if you're going for just the sheer look of this polish you could wear one coat. My mom wears one coat of this on her nails almost all the time. She likes the pink shimmer without really being able to tell she has polish on. (She likes to pick at polish if she can see it. She's bad.)

You can also layer this over other colors to give them a wash of pink shimmer, but you also add a milky look. Not my fave. (Shown here over Below Deck.)

China Glaze - White Cap
This is another sheer, totally packed with gold shimmer. I've shown it here at 3 coats, which is kind of a weird look. I don't love it on its own. But it looks really cool layered!

Shown over Essence - You Belong To Me. It adds a nice golden shimmer. I bought this after seeing a manicure with it on another blog that I wanted to recreate... But I've totally forgotten where or what.

WAIT! I remembered. It was here on Colores de Carol! Damn, I love that mani.

There we go - another 10 polishes posted. I've only got what, 400 more to go? Ha!


  1. I love your swatch spam, the only problem is you create too many lemmings! :P

  2. Blue Sparrow is so amazing!

  3. Loving the spam! White Cap is a fav of mine, and Frostbite is super interesting. I'm not sure I've seen that one before!

  4. All of those are pretty cool! I love cracked concrete over neons like Flip Flop Fantasy, except mine dried out very fast :(

    1. can you fix it with thinner?? i find mine all need a very intense shaking before they work right.

  5. I absolutely love Dorothy Who?.

  6. I've been looking at Blue Sparrow for quite a while now, but I have so many blues... but it's really beautiful.... :D

  7. My Blue Sparrow is all weird and dried-out looking. Legit think I've used it twice, but age has not done it any good. :/

  8. To all you ladies who have problems with the bottles you have, I would suggest trying some polish thinner, it's amazing how much that can help with thick/gloopy/weird polish.
    I have like 6 out of these CG's and most of them are great. I agree with you on disliking Rainbow, it's one of my few polish regrets.

  9. loving your swatch spam :D
    white cap is my favorite from the bunch!

  10. i dont really get why cg considered blue sparrow neon

  11. I have the blues but havent worn Dorothy Who?

  12. Ok..must get White Cap! I loved that marbled mani you gave the link Thanks for the spam & fun comments :0)