Thursday, June 14, 2012

Glitter Gal - Wild Violets

Today I'm gonna be showing you guys a really great polish from Glitter Gal!

Glitter Gal recently introduced some new polish lines to go along with their ever-popular holographic shades.
I've got one polish from three of the new lines to show you, and I'm starting with my favorite!

Glitter Gal - Wild Violets
This beauty is from their new Shade Shifters collection. There are two types of polishes in the Shade Shifters line - Brilliant finishes, like this one, which means the polish is more sparkly and glass-flecked; and Soft finishes, which are smooth.

This is three coats of the polish on its own. No base color. That's what I love so much about this polish! Usually you have to layer duochrome polishes over black to get the best effect - but this one is so killer on its own.
There are so many colors and it's just so darn pretty.

Sooooooo pretty. And so shiny, without topcoat! It dried really quickly too. It was pretty much perfectly dry once I had stopped snappin' pictures.

Yum. Usually when I try out duochromes, I'm like "well okay, this is cool," but I never really wear them again. This one will be worn again!! It's just stunning. Pink and purple? Yes please.

I also tried it out over black to see what magic would happen! But I don't think it was as cool as it is on its own.

The blue tones in the polish become more visible over black, but I don't think it is as unique this way. A lot of duochromes can look like this. The purple base and opacity are what makes this one a stand out, for me.

Glitter Gal are now offering their polishes in large 15mL bottles! The bottle is really sturdy and I dig the shape. The brush was a pleasure to work with. No complaints there!

Verdict? Hell yes! This polish is a major winner and we're in love. 
Check back tomorrow for the next swatch!

Wild Violets is available on Ninja Polish for $17.95!

Product provided for honest review.


  1. That's gorgeous, and I think you're right: It definitely works best on its own. Pink and purple - I'd go for that for sure!! :)

  2. Very pretty. I'm usually "meh" about duochromes... and I can't believe that this looks so great on it's own!

  3. This looks gorgeous on it's own, I agree that over black it is really similar to other duochromes though!

  4. i'm not a fan of duochromes... but this one is an exception! i looooove purple, this one is a must-have.

  5. Thank you so much for a great review. We really love our Shade Shifters and made sure the ingredients were exceptional quality whilst being 5 Free. Thanks for taking the time to try our product. We really love it.
    Kerry and Anna xxx

  6. São lindos estes GG. até mostrei no blog como propaganda mas não usei pq não os tenho só o Holo.
    Lindas unhas
    BOA SEXTA!!!
    ♥ Beijos coloridos!

  7. great swatches!! Love it to the max

  8. Amei todos, são lindos demais!!! arrasou! bjs e um ótimo final de semana!

  9. So pretty! I like both versions, but prefer it on it's own.

  10. Stunning - have been eyeing these off on the GG site for a while but always end up getting distracted by some other polish purchase. MUST NOT GET DISTRACTED!!! Thanks for the post - gorgeous nails and polish:)

  11. Pictures don't do this polish justice. It is AMAZING!! Ninjapolish sold out, but I found a bottle at Mei Mei's website. Paid premium price for shipping, but I have it in my hot little hands, and I LOVE IT!!