Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Zoya Savita gets laced up with Born Pretty stickers!

Hey guys! Tonight I'm going to be showing you some cool nail stickers from Born Pretty Store.

I was lucky enough to receive a bunch of different stickers/nail decals to try out!
There are Hello Kitty stickers, Angry Birds, some bows, lace, and flowers!
I'll be trying out most of these but to start out, I have a manicure to show you using these pretty white lace ones.

I was worried that they might be really obvious and thick on the nail but they are actually awesome!

The stickers don't really look like stickers once you have them on the nail. They are thin, and blend into the polish. There's no obvious bumps. I'm very impressed!

You don't have to be extremely careful because once you lay it on your nail, you can move it around if it isn't perfect. When you get it in the right place, smooth it down and get out any wrinkles.
Once you seal them with topcoat, they stay on well! I wore this for 24 hours before removing it and did not experience any lifting.

I used the same sticker to do the four matching nails. I used cuticle nippers to closely cut the edges to match my nails. And then for the index finger, I used one piece of a sticker that I clipped off.
I found it really easy to clip them with the nippers.

The base polish I used here is Zoya - Savita, a beautiful purple matte polish with an amazing formula! It takes 2 coats and of course, it dries super fast because it is a matte.
It really comes alive with topcoat, as you can see in this next photo!

Such a gorgeous purple!
And I love these stickers. The lace designs are really cool because there is no way I could paint that on so perfectly!
I have the same stickers in black as well and I am imagining them over nude polish! I'll have to try that out soon.

Overall, these stickers really impressed me! Thumbs up for sure.
You can buy these specific ones right here, but check out all their sticker selection because holy cow, there is a lot!

And don't forget, they ship free worldwide, and you can use my coupon code for 10% off your entire purchase.

Have a great evening everyone!
And check out my Zoya giveaway if you haven't yet!


  1. I was just looking at lace stickers the other day! I think your post has convinced me that I need a few!

  2. These really don't have that sticker look to them... very nice! May need to try some of these :)

  3. Wow, I LOVE these! I think the nude with black stickers would look stunning! :)

  4. Pretty! I just got Savita in a swap and can't wait to use it!

  5. Love it! I've been eying these but I've been a little hesitant to buy them. Might have to change my mind :)

  6. They look so cute! The effect is very very good!

  7. the stickers look awesome and i like how you made the thumb lace go the other direction from the other nails!

  8. Oh my! I have such a weakness for purple polishes, and I think I MUST have Savita now!

    ...and a supply of lace style stickers.

  9. Love, love, love the lace stickers... I might get some of those ;)

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