Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Color Club Fiesta Collection Swatches!

If you've been around this blog for a while, you'll know that I have a serious thing for Color Club sets.
It's been a long time since I've gotten a new one because the last couple of collections did not seem to be released in the 7-piece sets.
So imagine my delight when I found two new sets at Winners this week! (Thanks to local reader Tracy for giving me the heads up!)

First up I've got the Fiesta Collection to show you.
This collection consists of five cremes and a metallic, plus the usual bottle of topcoat.

Color Club - Mamba
A simple-but-flawless opaque red creme. I love when reds are creme and not jelly. This is two thin coats, perfect formula! It reminds me of my go-to red, OPI Comet Loves Cupid, so I'm glad to have this for a replacement when/if that runs out.

At first glance I thought it was called Mambo and then I started singing Mambo Number 5 and now it's stuck in my head!
A little bit of Monica in my life... A little bit of Erica by my side...

Color Club - Flamingo
Faaaaaave. Bright pink creme. Perfect formula, two coats. It is borderline-neon but not quite, so it is still really flattering on my ultra-pale skin. Definitely adding this to my list of favorite pinks!
I'm wearing this one right now, actually.

Color Club - Wild Cactus
Another winner! This is my next favorite of the bunch. Wild Cactus is a green creme, with a slight blue undertone that makes the color unique.  Again the formula is wonderful and needs just two coats for opacity.
Had I gotten this polish just a day earlier, it would have made for a nice St. Patrick's Day mani!

Color Club - Sunrise Canyon
I just can't decide how I feel about this one. I liked it in person but now I'm not such a fan of the photos. Not sure if it is something I would reach for in the future. The formula on this one is not so good, needs three coats and can still be streaky.
It's quite a lot like OPI's Did It On 'Em, but I'm not sure if they're dupes, because I am currently a couch potato and do not want to go find that polish. Haha!

Color Club - Endless Summer
As you can probably see, the formula on this one is a bit weird. It dries semi-matte and is a little patchy/streaky. I needed three coats for the swatch and there are some streaks. But the color is really fun! Adding topcoat would make it look a whole lot better, but I wanted to show the true finish.
Despite the not-so-wonderful formula, I'm still a fan of this polish.

Color Club - On The Rocks
An unoriginal silver, but it is a good one! What I like about this polish is that it is not the type of metallic finish that is frosty or streaky, it's really just made up of teeny tiny shimmer particles. So it won't show off any imperfections the way other metallics do, but that also means that it gives you a serious case of shimmer-herpes when you're removing it. Haha!
Either way, I really like this polish and would probably choose it over other silvers in my collection! Blingy silver nails are always really fun.

Overall, I'm so delighted that I found this set! Would you believe that Winners in Canada is now selling the sets for just $9.99?! Makes me feel ridiculous for spending like $20 on one Illamasqua when you can get seven of these for so cheap...

My favorites are Flamingo and Wild Cactus, and the price tag is worth those two alone, not to mention the four other polishes plus topcoat!
And the topcoat that comes with them is surprisingly great, and dries really quickly. (It's no Seche Vite, but it is definitely a winner, especially if you don't like the chemicals in SV.)

Hooray for Color Club sets! I hope they continue to pop up again in the future!


  1. I like them a lot! Not crazy about the formula of the blue either by the looks of this pic, but I love the color. The only one I'm a bit O_o about is the metallic, it's just so random with this collection and to me not really neccesary if that makes sense. I personally would have loved to have seen another creme. (a fabulous hot Purple creme anyone? ;P)

  2. i like the colour of the blue, but not the formula!

  3. great collection! love them all!

  4. really nice set with some solid colors!

  5. As always gorgeous swatches Rebecca! My favorite is the pink...then the silver.

  6. I have never saw any of the Color Club sets around here, but maybe one day, lol.

  7. 9.99??! I have to get my butt over to Winners asap!

  8. I like Wild Cactus - looks nice - but I think I have something close to it - maybe not - it's kind of a cross between Starboard by China Glaze and OPI Jade is the new Black. Wish we had somewhere that sold Color Club - I see maybe 2 collections every 2 yrs in my neck of the woods - oddly they don't stock the same stores with the same stock items...folks will say they get every one of the CC collections into Rite Aide - but sure not that way where I live. I bet the blue one would do OK if you put some 'underwear' on it - I have a couple neon leaning blues like this that need a tinted ridgefiller base or another polish under it - I always use Orly Nail Armor as my base (combo base/ridgefiller)...it fixes a ton of things for me and really keeps my nails from staining now matter the color. I usually put on 2-3 coats of it then my polish!

  9. Luv this silver *-*

  10. I love Flamingo ... I think wearing neon pink on toes are very fun :)

  11. I like Sunrise Canyon, but then I have something for these kind of colors :)
    The topcoat is a real winner for me! I thought it was going to be meh, but it works so surprisingly well!

  12. Ooh, this is a great set. For $10, I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for it!

  13. I got one of these.. but mines different. I have a few different polishes in mine. Maybe it's just where I live that got me different ones lol, these are pretty though!

  14. I love these colors! Usually I have found Color Club at Rite Aid but not lately :( And I just looked some collections up on Amazon and they want $30!

  15. Can you compare the blue from this collection with the blue from the Fiesta collection? I have both and they look exactly the same to me..

    1. which blue did you want a comparison with? you said fiesta collection but this is the fiesta post ;)

  16. I jut got the same set and I have to say I think you just got a bad bottle of the blue because mine goes on in 1-2 coats and dries smooth & glossy like the rest. love it! & your swatches are awesome.

    1. hmm!!! we'll have to see other swatches that pop up i guess... hope i didn't get a dud :(

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  18. I just found this set for $5.49! Total score. I almost purchased it on Ebay for 25.00.

  19. I just found this set for $5.49! Total score. I almost purchased it on Ebay for 25.00.

  20. I just found this set for $5.49! Total score. I almost purchased it on Ebay for 25.00.