Saturday, March 16, 2013

NCLA - Don't Call Me Peachy! & As If!

Hey guys! Happy Saturday.

Nail Polish Canada has just started carrying NCLA nail polish!
There are so many nice colors, as well as lots of cool nail wraps. And what's even better, NCLA is 5-free and never tests on animals.
NPC sent me two of their new Life's A Beach pastel shades to try, and I'll be showing them off today!

NCLA - Don't Call Me Peachy!
Pastel peach is always a gorgeous color for spring. The formula is great and covers in just two coats!
I'm a big fan of the brush, too, it allows you to paint very neatly. Not too big or too small.

NCLA - As If!
Purple! You know me and purple. This is a great lilac shade, especially because the formula is not too thin like some pastels, and covers in just 2 coats.  This will definitely be a go-to polish for me.

I had to combine these beauties into one springy manicure!

Tada! A gradient with some delicate stamping.

I wasn't sure if peach-purple would make for a nice gradient, but I'm really happy with how it turned out.

I used a cosmetic sponge to create the gradient, starting with a full peach nail and slowly adding/building the purple with the sponge.

I added the stamping with Konad Special White polish and Konad m73, both of which are also available in the Konad section of NPC.

These pretty pastels retail for $16, and as always, NPC ships for free within Canada if you spend $25! It's so hard to not spend all my money there... Haha! (I've got my eye on the new Color Clubs.)

You can also check out the NCLA website, and don't forget to like Nail Polish Canada on Facebook!

Some products provided for honest review. 


  1. wow that is one perfect peach! love them together.

  2. Don't call me peachy is gorgeous! Love your nail art :)

  3. Such a pretty manicure with the stamping! I love the peachy polish <3

  4. ooo, i love how the gradient looks!!! it's really pretty.

    Enter to win a $50 Shabby Apple Gift Card! :)


  5. that looks gorgeous, Rebecca! Coincidentally, I was going to do a peach/purple gradient with my Lime Crime polishes but my base chipped awfully before I had a chance lol. I love how yours turned out!

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