Sunday, March 10, 2013

OPI - The Violet-ter, The Better

Happy Sunday! Today I'm gonna show you an OPI polish I picked up recently from a blog sale.

OPI - The Violet-ter, The Better
I had to have this polish because of the name - my nan's name was Violet! And she was pretty much my favorite person ever. So I have a tendency to buy polishes with Violet in the name! And it just so happens that this one is an awesome color, so it is a win-win!

It's got veeeeeeery subtle shimmer, so subtle that I didn't even really see it in person, only in the photos. But the formula is great and this is just 2 coats.

I believe this polish was exclusive to Trade Secrets a few years ago so it is pretty hard to find. Sorry if I've created a lemming for some of you! Haha.

Got any other Violet polish suggestions for me?


  1. No violet suggestions, but I recently picked up a few pinky-purple polishes from a blog sale and I have to say, a good deal on a good polish is one of the best things ever!

  2. Gorgeous colour!

  3. Nicole by OPI's "Vio-Let's Talk About Red"!

  4. I have not suggestions for violet polishes, but i do like this one :)


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