Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sonoma Nail Art - Chalkboard Nails

Today's polish is brought to you by two lovely ladies that I am proud to call my friends!

Michelle from Sonoma Nail Art and Sarah from Chalkboard Nails teamed up to create this awesome polish to represent Sarah's blog. And lucky me, I got a bottle!

Sonoma Nail Art - Chalkboard Nails
As you can see, the polish is inspired by an actual chalkboard! Complete with different sizes of white glitter and shimmer as the chalk dust. There's actually green shimmer too which I was not expecting!
This is three coats and the formula is great, as always from Michelle's creations.

So happy to have this polish in my stash! It'll always be special to me and a nice reminder of the friends I have made through my blog!

There's actually ONE bottle of this in stock right now as I am posting... Go go go! Click here to go to the listing. (And I'm sorry if you're too late.)

Keep an eye out on Michelle's Facebook page and Etsy shop to find out when the next sale will be!


  1. i think its so cool to have a polish inspired by a blog! it is such a beautiful on too!

  2. Very cool polish :)

  3. This is one of my current favorites - awesome!

  4. gorgeous!! Put some mate top coat over it! :)



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