Thursday, November 15, 2012

Essie - Stylenomics

I've said before that while I don't have a whole bunch of Essie polishes, the ones I do have, I love!
This new shade is no exception.

This is Essie - Stylenomics from their fall collection entitled, you guessed it, Stylenomics.

It is a super super dark green creme that will probably look black to most people but for those of us with the polish-eye, it is green, dammit.
(My mom commented on how she hadn't seen me wear plain black in a while. Needless to say she was shown the truth. Green.)

The formula is perfect, it covers in 2 coats, and it dries quickly! Can't ask for much more than that, I guess.

I bet it would be real nice with some flakies over it... I should have done that before taking it off.
Oh well, there's always next time!

This product was provided to me as a free perk from Klout.


  1. Looks nice!!! wooo is it green?? looks like black or grey. I like it!

  2. oo I didn't pick this one up but I might have to go back and get it, I love this super dark green! You're right about the flakies, good idea.

  3. I thought it was dark grey... :) Anyway colour is gorgeus!!

  4. I love Essie polishes- they have great formulas. I really wish I had gotten this one as my Klout Perk- I got Miss Fancy Pants, which is a great color but I already have so many Essie colors similar to it.

  5. I love this polish. And eventhough I'm the "blue"-kind girl, this green is perfect. And I know that a lot of my friends, that don't wear green polish, wear this one!
    Essie did a great job!

  6. Oh my that is pretty! I absolutely love blackened colors!

  7. That is totally the same situation I have - Essie is the brand I have least of but every polish I have I love!

    This one might need to join my Essies though - it looks incredible! I adore those almost-black polishes!

  8. It IS green dammit! Totally agree, and I love it!

  9. That is totally green. Dammit. :)

  10. I love this polish!! I cannot count how many times I had to show people its really green! I wore this with my ring finger in Zoya Pinta.. people seem to have problems seeing that its purple.. =)