Monday, November 12, 2012

Pretty & Polished - Party At Joes!

Hey guys! This post comin' atcha from a very busy Rebecca.
I've got a 10-page paper due on Thursday plus a 2-page assignment due on Friday so I am stressin' away, trying to get them done. (AKA I still haven't started the big one.)

Of course, posting on my blog is a welcome distraction from my work. So here's a swatch post!

Pretty & Polished - Party At Joes!
Isn't this adorable?

Party At Joes has a sheer blue base and all kinds of fun multi-colored glitter in all shapes and sizes.
Shown here is three coats, plus a little bit of extra glitter-dabbing. I did have some trouble getting enough glitter onto the brush but that's normal when working with mini polishes.

I adore the shade of blue and I really had fun wearing this polish! I hadn't worn blue for a while and it reminded me of how much I like wearing blue. Haha. I'm weird.

Got a bunch of compliments on it, too! The square glitters are my fave.

I wish I had a polish like this in every color!

Pretty & Polished is available on Etsy, $8.50 for full size and $4.75 for minis!
And don't forget to also check 'em out on Facebook or their blog.
Product provided for honest review.


  1. Very cute! The square glitters are great.

  2. That is really a fun one. Normally me and multi-colored glitters are "meh" but this one rocks! Looks great against your skin, too!

  3. It looks like the Pretty & Polished Pool Party... Sure it's not a dupe?

    1. not a perfect dupe, but this is the new-and-improved Pool Party :)

  4. very pretty! love the square glittery too.

  5. This is such a fun polish! It's like a party on your nails, which might help you get through that 10 page paper!

  6. I love this too! It really does look like a fun party, yet cute at the same time.

  7. Very fun! Awesome brand, one of my favs. :)
    Thanks for sharing - and I resemble your choice to paint nails instead of writing a paper.