Friday, November 2, 2012

Color Club - Winter Affair Collection - swatches and review

Hey everyone! Y'all know how much I love Color Club, and today I've got their winter collection for your viewing pleasure!

This is the Color Club Winter Affair Collection, five pretty scented shimmers and a flakie topcoat.

Here's the weird thing - there are two versions of this collection. One version is available at Sally Beauty Supply for the holidays and one is available everywhere else CC is sold.
The entire collection doesn't change, just two polishes. But it is pretty weird because the names don't change.
I'll point out the changing ones as we go through the swatches!

Color Club - Berry and Bright
This is a beeeeeeeautiful red foily shimmer. I don't usually fawn over red polishes but this one is great. I actually didn't want to take it off when I swatched it! I will definitely be wearing this over the holidays because it is really festive and pretty.
It smells like berries or maybe just cherries, it's hard to tell, but it smells nice! I didn't find the scent to be overwhelming or toxic-fumey like some scented polishes! Haha.
It just needs two coats for good coverage.

Color Club - Ho-Ho-Holly
This is a green foil shimmer with a lot of gold sparkle in it! Really pretty, and I don't have anything else like it.
You need three coats with this one for the best color payoff, but it dries really quickly, as do all the others in the collection.
I'm assuming it smells like holly berries, although I'm not sure I know what that smells like. The smell is nice though and again, not too intense. 

Color Club - Gift of Sparkle
This is one of the two polishes that has two versions.
At Sally Beauty, Gift of Sparkle is a blue foil polish, quite like Cold Metal from the Foiled Collection, but scented. I can't decide what the smell is but it is familiar... My mom couldn't decide either.
Covers in 2 coats.

Everywhere else, you'll find a purple glitter polish, which you can see here on Burb Beauty.
I am annoyed because I don't need another bottle of Cold Metal, and I want purple glitter!!! Whomp whomp.

Color Club - Winter Affair
This is the second polish that has two versions. At Sally's you will find a gold foil, just like Gingerbread Man from the Scent-suous Collection, which was last year's scented Sally-exclusive collection. Same exact polish, new scent. This one smells like vanilla! It smells awesome. Vanilla is one of my favorite scents!
Covers in 2 coats. 

Elsewhere, Winter Affair is a vampy burgundy shimmer, and you can see it here on Burb Beauty.
I have no idea why Sally's has two different polishes but it makes me mad because I want the other versions! It is especially frustrating where the Sally's versions are dupes for previous polishes. I'll have to look for the others somewhere!

Color Club - Glitter Wonderland
(Oops, forgot to take a label shot.)
This is my favorite polish from the collection! A beautiful purple shimmer with tiny blue and fuchsia microglitter. Super shimmery and pretty. You need three coats with this one for full coverage but it dries fast.
I cannot decide what this one smells like, either. It smells good, though! Seems a bit berry-scented. But I'm not sure.
I've been wearing this one for two days now and I can still smell it on my nails! It's not as strong today, obviously, but it is still there. (And it is under 2 coats of flakies and a coat of Seche Vite, so the scent really is powerful. But not overwhelming and toxic.)

Color Club - Snow-Flakes
This is a flakie topcoat, just like a bunch of other flakie topcoats such as Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure and Essie Shine of the Times. Not original, but always pretty.
I layered two coats over Glitter Wonderland for these swatches and that's the mani I stuck with! It's so gorgeous.

Nom nom nom. I love how you can see the blue shimmering in the purple and the flakies on top. This is a great combo!

There you have it! Happy holidays from Color Club!


  1. i have the normal collection, so weird that they would make a scented and unscented version of each polish with the same names! I think I prefer my collection though, because scented polishes are usually too overpowering once i factor in the clashing scents of my perfume, cuticle oil, hand creme and body moisturiser!!!

    1. Piggybacking on your comment (beg your pardon!), but I think it's cool that they have a scented and unscented version of each polish. I'm VERY sensitive to scents and can't wear a lot of perfumes -- nail polish fumes are pretty much the zenith of my tolerance -- so having the plain ol' option is really nice! :)

  2. I just don't get why they gave 2 colors the same name! That seems so silly.

  3. I find it a bit weird that it comes in different versions. I have ordered a couple of them online, and I can see that it's the other version than the one you've got, because I ordered the Burgundy shimmer.

  4. Really love the snowflake polish!!! :)

  5. Oh wow, that red! that green!! gorgeous shades and they look awesome on you! :D

  6. I love berry and bright and the flakie so nomm!

    Jazz x

  7. So weird about the changing polishes and names. Why does it have to be so comfusing?
    I looks like a nice collection though. I really like Ho Ho Holly. Very special and pretty! :)

  8. these are so pretty but im not sure how the purple fits in. but that layering!! gorg

  9. All your swatches are beautiful! I got the little 4-pack at Sally but really wanted the dark red Winter Affair and the purple Gift of Sparkle. Oh well, will have to order them online.

  10. Pretty! I don't know that I will ever get sick of flakies over purple. It's so stinking pretty!

  11. Great swatches and I'm jealous--I got the un-scented ones from Head2Toe!

  12. So strange that they used the same names for different colors! I just swatched and reviewed the unscented ones but I kind of want the gold one just because it smells like vanilla :)

  13. This is kindof weird because I just got a bunch of these this week from Hautelook! I thought maybe they were last year's colors (except Portfolio). So yay me! I'm ahead of the game for once lol.

    I haven't swatched mine yet, so no clue if they smell. Kinda hoping they do hehehe

  14. TJ Maxx has the 2 packs with the purple holo version and also of the burgundy shimmer version - but the topcoat is slightly different. Same color shift as snow flake - but it's glitter, not flakies.

  15. Great swatches! I just picked these up today, well except for Ho Ho Holly since it was sold out :[

  16. Ho Ho Holly is so pretty! Definitely going to look out for this.

  17. This is a really lovely collection and your swatches are gorgeous! Reds don't usually thrill me either, but that one looks verrry nice. The naming thing is so weird...I think I prefer the ones you didn't end up with (sorry!).

  18. Ooooh I have the other version of this collection. I wish that there was just one collection, with ALL of the colours. >.< Gorgeous swatches!! :D

  19. Wow, I've never seen Color Club this beautiful. This is definitely heading on my christmas wishlist :)

  20. Funny, the Sally's by my place doesn't even carry Color Club. I'd probably wait to see if they are available on Nail Polish Canada, since I can get the free shipping and rewards points.

  21. That's so crazy that they have scented and unscented versions of this collection! It would be cooler if all the colors were consistent, though. I wonder if maybe they switched things up to add more color diversity.

  22. I just purchased Winter Affair.... Didn't know that it was scented until I used it. All I could smell was Maple syrup! Weird! I really love it though :)

  23. These really STINK! I can't tell what they smell like, but they stamp so beautifully I will be using them to stamp with. I didn't get the purple and the green does stamp as well as the rest. Overall I am happy with my purchase because I got them on clearance in a mini set and the gold I bought separately. Tonight I am doing a design wih the green and the Flakie with an Aztec design from Cheeky XL plates stamped over the top.

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