Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Color Club - Scent-suous Collection - swatches and review

Good afternoon! More glitter swatches for you today? Yes!

Today I'm going to be showing you the Scent-suous Collection from Color Club.
This collection is strange - there was no promotion or press releases. It just started showing up... At Sally Beauty.
Sally's does not carry Color Club as a rule but for some reason they got this collection for Christmas.
The polishes are all scented and they actually smell great (unlike the other scented collection from Color Club, Wicked Sweet, which smells totally overwhelming.)

I was worried this collection wasn't going to show up in Canada, but thankfully it did! I got there in time to snag the entire display - a set for me and a set for Kayla. (I wish they came in a set but they don't!)

I'm going to show you the foils first and then the glitters.

Gingerbread Man. 2 coats. This is another great foil from Color Club. As I'm sure you can guess, this smells like gingerbread. It smells really yummy. I'm sure this would work great for stamping.

Kiss Me Mistletoe. 2 coats. I'm going to assume this smells like mistletoe but I'm not sure what that smells like. It's sort of like an evergreen tree smell. I'm not a huge fan of this scent but it is not overwhelming.

These 2 foils are pretty similar to other Color Club polishes:

Gingerbread, Antiquated, Perfect Mol-ten, Kiss Me Mistletoe
Gingerbread is a true gold compared to the warm bronze-gold of Antiquated from the Foiled Collection.
Kiss Me Mistletoe and Perfect Molten, also from Foiled, are dupes.

Santa's Cinnamon. 2 coats. This is a red jelly packed with red glitter. It's a dupe for China Glaze Ruby Pumps, but maybe a bit more sparkly.
This one smells like cinnamon, duh, sorta like cinnamon hearts candy or Red Hots. I'm not really a fan of those candies but the smell is nice.

Now for big glitters!! I've first swatched them on a wheel in different ways just because I like multiple pictures of glitter.

One coat
One coat
Two coats
One coat over black
One coat over black, matte
After that pretty spam, here are the nail swatches.

Orna-Minted. This is one coat over Soulstice Monterey (swatch coming later this week!)
As you can guess, this one smells like mint. Not offensive and strong, just a nice light mint scent.
This isn't very original though, just three sizes of silver hex glitter in a clear base. It's very pretty though!

Sugar Plum Yum. This one is small green glitter and large purple glitter in a clear base that smells like sugarplum, I guess! Not that I have ever smelled a sugarplum before...
I have to say, this one is my least favorite scent. But I like the glitter!
I've shown it here over Kiss Me Mistletoe.

Very Merry Berry. This one is my favorite! I just love the colors. There is small blue and large fuchsia glitter in a clear base and it smells like berries. It's a fresh scent and I like it a lot.
This is shown over Barry M Boots Limited Edition.
I just love it!

That's all she wrote today! I hope you enjoyed these swatches and good luck finding them at your local Sally's.


  1. very nice! this post kind of makes me want to go out and get gingerbread now. its really pretty and warm!

  2. Super pretty! I'm loving Sugar Plum Yum and Very Merry Berry. Thanks for swatching these =]!

  3. I think because it is a Sally-exclusive release, CC kinda relies on Sally to do all the advertising, I don't know. But bloggers find it anyway lol. Another blogger found the scents strong and hard to tolerate, so now I have to go sniff them myself to decide lol. Thanks for the swatches

  4. nice swatches, Rebecca!!
    Very Merry Berry looks great and I love the purple Barry M you used underneath! nice combo!

  5. YAYAYAYAYAYYA I cant wait to get mines!!!

  6. I believe that Cosmetics Arts (which I think is by the same company that makes Color Club) has a dupe for Very Merry Berry for $1.99 at Ross. But it's really a hit or miss as to whether or not you will find it in a Ross store

  7. Rebecca, did you happen to try stamping with the gingerbread or mistletoe? I need a good gold to stamp with! (I have antiquated.... But it's just not the gold I want)

  8. Yay, thank you for the swatches!
    It's nice to see that they're actually wearable before going all the way to Sally's and having to deal with those people. -___-

  9. The glitter looks so lovely with a matte top coat!

  10. what Kind of matte top coat is that that you used on the glitters? The Matte Top Coat I bought doesn't look matte and I am looking for a new one/ :o)

  11. @illustratedlady - it's from ELF! i reviewed it a few weeks ago, it is decent but a bit streaky.

    @Ejduran - i didn't try it but i am sure it would work well! :)

  12. Love Santa's Cinammon, so gorgeous!

  13. Gimme those babylicious glitters!!