Sunday, November 13, 2011

Color Club - Pride Collection - swatches and review

Good afternoon everyone! Last week when I asked what swatches you'd like to see, this collection got a lot of votes! So I'm going to show you it today.

This is the Color Club Pride Collection.
This collection includes 6 creme shades that perfectly match the rainbow flag, as well as a bottle of topcoat.

You'll notice that the caps of the bottles have a cute rainbow layer over them - but because this was one of the discount store sets, they don't fit right. Behold:

The caps on the discount sets are smaller than those on the salon/individual sale bottles. So there is a bunch of the shrink wrap left over which sticks out funny on top. I've compared it to the salon version of one of their crackle polishes. You can see that it fits much better and prettier on the salon bottles.
I'm not sure why they didn't make another size shrink wrap for the smaller caps. It annoys me a little. (Okay, a lot.)

Because the caps are also skinnier, the wraps pull off as soon as you try to unscrew the bottles.
So while the wraps are really cute, they end up being more of an annoyance if you don't have the salon bottles.

All of the polishes in this set are supposedly re-released shades except for the green.

I only have one dupe - the yellow. The orange and blue are brighter than their cousins from the Poptastic collection.

P is for Pride. Typical 2-coat semi-sheer red jelly. Not an original color but I don't have the original release of this color (and I don't know what it is called - but it's just red.)

Polish For All. Neon orange creme. Covers in 2 coats. I thought this would be identical to Wham! Pow! from Poptastic but it is actually a bit brighter. So I'm not sure if there is an exact dupe from another collection.

Dress For The Parade. Bright yellow creme, dupe for Almost Famous from Poptastic. This is the only shade of yellow that I actually like wearing so I don't mind having 2 bottles! This takes 3 coats to be streak-free.

Not Just For Kelly. This is a kelly green creme which I love! This is the original polish in the collection, it isn't a re-release.
It looks sheer in the picture but it really isn't. This is 2 coats but it wouldn't hurt to do 3. I don't have any other green quite like this so I'm happy to have it!

Boys Wear Blue. This looked completely opaque in person and on my camera but when I uploaded the photos... wow. This is 2 coats but I should have done three for photographs! Sorry about that.
Anyway. I thought this would be an exact dupe for Chelsea Girl but it is actually quite a bit more vibrant and more opaque than Chelsea Girl.

Express Yourself. As purple as purple gets. This and the green was the reason I bought the set. (And hey, the set only cost me $15 so I don't mind paying that for 2 great colors and a few backups.)
This was nearly impossible to photograph but I think I nailed it. The color of the bottle in this picture is especially accurate.
This is a dupe for Disco Dress or something like that, but I don't own it. This is an awesome color. I have no other purple that is quite so... well... purple!

All dupes aside, this is a great collection with a great purpose. If you don't have the dupes, pick this up! And if you do... Just buy the green one.


  1. the purple is reeeally pretty!

  2. where do you find these color club collections? i live in vancouver (just moved up from california) so am new to the polish scene in canada. :) thanks!

  3. The purple is gorgeous, and the yellow is possibly the prettiest yellow I've ever seen. :)

  4. i like Dress For The Parade ! !

  5. @Sarah - i find mine at Winners but they only show up every now and then. there are other stores that carry them (full price) in other places in canada but i'm not sure where, there are none here in NL!

  6. They all look amazing! That orange is literally screaming for me =P lol

  7. Oh no! The caps were a farse!!!! :( I'm honestly so sad about it! Gladly the colours are pretty.

  8. thanks, rebecca! i'm so used to just being able to go to an ulta or target and pick out lots of different colors for cheap. :) i went to the winners at metrotown yesterday and no color club. :(

  9. I hope mine doesn't peel off when I finally use them since I kinda bought them for the wrappers lol. But my set only contained one of the polishes it said on the packaging it would: not just for kelly :S

  10. lovely wrappers.... i love boys wear jeans & dress for the prade amazing colors :)

  11. Wow cute!
    I love this collection :)

  12. These are SO good! I wish I could get these in the UK!

  13. @Helga - what else was in your set? :S

  14. WOW those are bright!!! I love that orange. Makes me want to do some traffic cone nail art. LOL!!! I kid....but I do like these bright colors.

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