Monday, November 7, 2011

Wet N Wild - Ice Baby Collection - swatches and review

Hello loves! More glitter swatches for you today.
I swatched a lot of glitter yesterday. Even more to come tomorrow.

Today I'm going to be showing you one half of the Ice Baby collection from Wet N Wild.
These polishes are a Walgreens exclusive meaning you can only get them in the US but thankfully, my friend Sarah from Chalkboard Nails picked up the ones I wanted for me.

Four of the polishes in this collection are dupes for the Nails Inc Special Effects 3D Glitters.
Back Alley Deals = Bloomsbury Square
Cost Is No Issue = Fitzroy Square
Believe Me It's Real = Connaught Square
Diamond in the Rough = Sloane Square

I already own two of the Nails Inc ones so I didn't get the dupes for those, but I did get the dupes I didn't have as well as two unique ones I liked.
(Bloomsbury Square is probably my favorite glitter ever so I totally recommend picking up Back Alley Deals if you don't have it.)

Now I'll show you the swatches!
Each of these take 3 coats for opacity and the formula is thin and very easy to work with.

24 Carats. This is a mixture of all shapes and sizes of gold and bronze glitter, including some bar glitter.
The bar glitter was a bit difficult to tame though:

It likes to hang off the edges of the nail.
Bar glitter in strange but I like it when it is blended in with more glitter.

It's All In The Cut. This was the one I was most excited for because you know I love purple! This is a mixture of lavender glitter with some medium pink and holographic glitter mixed in.
I really like this combo and it would be super cute layered over a lavender creme.

Believe Me It's Real. This is the dupe for Connaught Square. This is a mixture of bright blue glitter and some larger purple glitter. I'm a big fan of this one as well.

Diamond In The Rough. This is the dupe for Sloane Square. This one actually ended up being my favorite! It's a charcoal glitter with lots of larger holo glitter peeking out.
This is what I wanted Orly's Rock Solid to be but I hated that polish. It doesn't work like this one does.
This is sparkly and lovely instead of lumpy and gross like Rock Solid. 
I believe this one is also a dupe for the new China Glaze Eye Candy glitter called Some Like it Haute.

There you have it! One half of the Ice Baby collection. If you have a Walgreens in your area, run there now if you haven't already!


  1. I love glitter polishes but even with different methods to take them off, I still find it a pain in the a$$ to remove them. What do you use: pure acetone, foil wraps...?? Thx in advance.

  2. Nice! 24 Carats kinda looks like Milani's Gold Blitz :D

  3. Beautiful glitters, I love the light purple one!

  4. gorgeous effect!!!

  5. i adore these thanks for swatching them love!

  6. These are going to be so much fun to wear!

  7. Diamond In The Rough is perfect :)))

  8. I'd love to get my nails on the blue. :D

  9. I am SOOO glad I have this collection! I just love it!

  10. WetnWild collections can be hard to find in general, and these are Walgreens exclusives that only some Walgreens are carrying. I suggest using this map from Nouveau Cheap's website to try to track the collection down: