Friday, November 18, 2011

marry a millionaire in lincoln park at midnight

Creative post title, no? The two polishes I'm showing you today go really well together, and so do the names!

This is OPI - Lincoln Park At Midnight. This polish is from a few years ago but I recently picked it up at a drugstore for $5!
It's a shimmery, vampy purple, that is so dark that it looks black in low light.

(Please excuse that weird bump on my ring finger... It came off of the brush and I didn't want to redo the nail...)

I don't often wear such dark, vampy colors, but this one is amazing and I loved wearing it.
It does need 3 coats though which I wasn't expecting, but the formula is still good.

I was wearing this color the day Kayla Shevonne brought my Eye Candy polishes to me in school, and I immediately had to layer one of them on top. (Yes, I painted my nails on campus. I have no shame.)

I added China Glaze - Marry A Millionaire. You can see my swatch of this polish alone here.
It was seriously hard to photograph this polish. It is too sparkly and my camera can't handle it!

I love the Eye Candy glitters because they are great for layering and for wearing on their own. And they dry really quickly which is a big plus.

Have you found the Eye Candy polishes yet? When you get them, layer them over a dark color! They really pop.


  1. love it! i think this is my fav of the eye candy polishes!

  2. I'm going today to hunt the Eye Candy polishes. I can' wait to try them and now I wanna try them over black. This looks so nice.

  3. I had been thinking about purchasing this one...Now I know I def want it! Lol...Thanks!!

  4. Gorgeous colours.. definitely need to add Lincoln Park to my lemmings list!

  5. I ordered some of the Eye Candy polishes this morning, and I can't wait for them to arrive!!

  6. I checked this morning and it looks like Head2Toe Beauty has them available. $0.50 more than they normally are, but $3.50 for those stunners ain't bad!

    Here's a link:

  7. i love lincoln park at midnight *___________*
    do you won lincoln park after dark?

    new post - follow me♥mfashionfreak

  8. Oh wow, I would have never thought to layer Marry a Millionaire over that, but it looks fantastic. Lincoln Park at Midnight is a beautiful polish as well =)

  9. Lovveee it! I need to find Marry a Millionaire, my Sally's only carried 4 of the color!

  10. GAH! I didn't want marry a millionaire at all ... till now :)

  11. I envy you sooo much for having Marry a Millionaire!
    beautiful nails btw :)

  12. Hey love your posts! Particularly because I think you're local (Bluekaffee is how I first saw your stuff) ... ?
    Anyway, thought I'd let you know I just linked to your leopard tutorial because I used it to try my first. :) Thanks for the help!

  13. Gosh--that is so pretty!

  14. Love this! I got my Eye Candy's last weekend (minus millionaire, sad face). Currently I'm wearing Lorelie's Tiara over For Audry and I don't think I've ever loved a mani as much as this in my life. So happy!

  15. I really like LPAM, it is a nice dark plum shade

  16. Frick! I was trying NOT to buy any of the Eye Candy polishes and now I have to. Looks gorgeous!!


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