Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kleancolor Mini Swatches!

Good evening! I hope you all are well.
Today I have twelve - yes, twelve - Kleancolor swatches for you.
I decided to just swatch each of these on one nail because they are minis. I don't normally do that but I figured hey, you won't mind this one time, right? ;)

I got each package of these minis for just $5 at Dominion! (That's a Canadian supermarket chain, for those of you not familiar.

Here is the first set, Candy Cast. The backs of the sets show the colors included and also have a funny saying about the type of girl who would wear these colors. It also is not grammatically correct. Enlarge the photo and see it!

Kleancolor - Neon Aqua (1 coat,) Kleancolor - Neon Yellow (2 coats,) Kleancolor - Neon Orange (2 coats.)

Kleancolor - Neon Pink (2 coats,) Kleancolor - Neon Amethyst (2 coats,) Kleancolor - Neon Lime (2 coats.)

You might remember that I used these polishes for my watercolor mani!
I also have another super cute mani to show you guys that I did with these polishes - I will post it tomorrow!

This is the Techno High mini set. Again the colors are on the back as well as a grammatically incorrect saying about the type of person that would wear these polishes!
I know that the Kleancolor Metallics are awesome for stamping so I was pumped to get these ones!

Kleancolor - Metallic Brown (1 coat,) Kleancolor - Metallic Navy (1 coat,) Kleancolor - Metallic Jungle (1 coat.)

Kleancolor - Metallic Purple (1 coat,) Kleancolor - Metallic Yellow (1 coat,) Kleancolor - Metallic Pink (1 coat - causes pink staining!)

Overall, the formulas are really great, much better than you would expect from such cheap polish!
The neons are great for nail art and the metallics are awesome for stamping. 
They are a bit stronger-smelling than most polishes and they aren't super quick-drying on their own, but those are minor flaws in my opinion.

Kleancolor is sold in some dollar stores and clothing stores and supermarkets - all sorts of places!
And you can also get it online at which is where I ordered my other Kleancolors.
Cheap and good! Just how I like it!


  1. I ♥ it all! But the metallic yellow looks really nice for me. (^__^)

  2. oh man! I got candy cast and a glitter set at winners for the same price, as a prezzie for lauraaaa~~

  3. I really wish Kleancolor was sold in England, those brights are lovely!

  4. metallic purple is beautiful! :)

  5. The neon colors don't look like they apply evenly, but those metallic shades are gorgeous!!

  6. I like the Techno High set. Those are pretty colors.

  7. I really love the metallics from Kleancolor! They are really pretty and great for stamping

  8. I've bought my Klean Colors online from a US site. I find their colour range really good, and the price is really good.
    I love the metallics swatches. :)

  9. Lol at the sayings on the back. I don't mind the swatching like this :)

  10. Wow! These colors are amazing, I wanna eat the Candy Cast collection, it looks so yummy! LOL

  11. I love love love the Kleancolor metallics! =D
    Must wait for my next paycheck before ordering more from beautyjoint!


  12. Those are at Dominion?! I had absolutely no idea. Guess I need to widen my polish-store horizons.

  13. I seen them on Amazon now I want them!!!