Monday, November 5, 2012

Glitter Gal Holographics - 24 Carat, Wisteria, & Blue Suede Shoes

Good morning everyone! I've got a post full of holographic goodness for you today!

Glitter Gal recently released nine new polishes in their holographic line. Today I'll be showing you three of them! (And 2 more tomorrow - saving my favorites for a second post.)

These new polishes come in a new bottle! They are 10mL compared to the previous 9mL for holographics.
Here's a comparison of their different bottles, in case you're curious.

15mL, 10mL, 9mL.
The new bottle has a really nice brush, I didn't have to do any clean up on any of these swatches because the brush allowed me to paint perfectly!

Okay, let's see the colors.

Glitter Gal - 24 Carat
24 Carat is a light gold holographic polish, with a greenish tint. It is a bit sheer so you wanna do 3 coats for full coverage, but the sheerness also means you can layer it over other colors to create different looks!
The holo is so strong, it is so fun to look at!
Formula is wonderful, no streaking or dragging, dries quickly.

Glitter Gal - Wisteria
I can't get enough purple holos! Like the previous polish, this one is a bit on the sheer side, and you wanna do 3 coats. (But again, this means you can layer it and turn other polishes into holos!)
The formula again was great, no dragging, dries fast.
If you've been searching for OPI DS Original, this is a suitable replacement! It's not a dupe, but very similar.

Glitter Gal - Blue Suede Shoes
Blue Suede Shoes is a winner! It isn't the same type of formula as the previous two, it is more creamy and opaque, which makes the holo less intense but I love the color payoff! The shade of blue is really bright and fun and the added holo really makes this a special polish.
You just need 2 coats with this one, and again, no dragging, dries quickly.
Sometimes holos can look bland when you're not in the sun, but this one looks great in any lighting!

Glitter Gal polishes can be found on Ninja Polish, and these particular ones retail for $11 for 10mL.

I hope you've enjoyed these three beauties, and keep an eye out for my two favorites tomorrow!

Product provided for honest review.


  1. Oh goodness these are something amazing! I love the holos!

    Jazz x

  2. I love that blue, it's very different from an holo blue color I've seen before!

  3. I like Wisteria and the blue color of Blue Suede Shoes is so nice & bright! Nice swatches!

  4. Drooooooool! I love these! Dear Santa.... =)

  5. Hope there will be a pink one tomorrow! :)

  6. These are gorgeous!!! Going to have to see if I can get online here in the UK :)

  7. I am drooling over Blue Suede Shoes!

  8. I love the blue! You wouldn't think a holo would turn out opague like that.

    Robyn x

  9. Ooh, what is that color on the right representing the 9ml size? It looks fabulous!

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