Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Glitter Gal Holographics - Teal Blue & Teal Green

Hello everyone!
If you saw my post yesterday, you'll know that you're about to see my two favorite polishes from Glitter Gal's most recent bunch of holographics!

Let's get right to it.

Glitter Gal - Teal Blue
Jerfhoedliewnflwiejnwl43inf. Isn't this stunning?! Ooooooh boy, I love it.
You only need two coats for full coverage with this baby and it dries super quick. The holo is so strong and the color is so pigmented and lovely. Total winner. Go buy this one like, now. YUM.

Glitter Gal - Teal Green
lerjfleijfelijrfnweljrflweir this one is just as nice!! These polishes make me smack my keyboard in excitement.
UGH it is so pretty. Again, perfect formula, 2 coats, no dragging. The brush on these is flawless, and these swatches required no clean up because the brush allowed me to paint neatly every time.

I can't handle how gorgeous these are. You need them.
These polishes are in GG's new 10mL bottles and can be found here on Ninja Polish for $11. And the Ninjas ship internationally! Woohoo!

I can't wait to wear these beauties again. You go Glitter Gal.
Now I just need to get my hands on their polish named Rebecca. Which I am still pretending was named after me. Of course.
Product provided for honest review.


  1. Speechless. These polishes are stunning, I love them. *_*

  2. Looks stunning! I really loved Teal Blue! <3

  3. Glitter Gal Holos are so great! These are beautiful

  4. Stunningly beautiful, I understand why these are your favs!

  5. Thud... I just fell over! Stunning!

  6. Love this nail polish!!! :)


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