Tuesday, November 27, 2012

OPI - The Man With The Golden Gun

Hey guys! Today's post is for my friend Drew who informed me she has been waiting too long to see me post about this polish. Here you go Drew! I hope this satisfies you.

This polish is truly ridiculous.
OPI - The Man With The Golden Gun - Real 18K Gold Top Coat

Real gold on yo' nails. Big pimpin'.
Even the bottle is awesome.

I've actually got three manis with this top coat to show you today!
The first time I wore it, I chose a different color on each hand because I couldn't decide what I wanted to layer it over. Neither ended up being my favorite.

OPI - The Man With The Golden Gun over OPI - Honk If You Love OPI
The gold flakes look great over deep vampy polishes! But I wasn't feeling this shade, I wanted something more purple.

And on the other hand?

OPI - The Man With The Golden Gun over China Glaze - First Mate
Looks great over blue too! Pretty sure it would look good over anything.

Those combos didn't satisfy me. So today I did another manicure with the golden gun. And I love it! So here's a bunch of pictures.

Tada! This is just the look I wanted. Pastel prettiness with added gold sparkle.

This manicure started with Zoya - Kristen, a lovely pastel gray-blue that covers in 2 coats.
I then did a gradient using Lime Crime - Lavendairy, a bright pastel purple.
Finish with two coats of The Man With The Golden Gun!

In love!

I will admit, it is pretty crazy to wear actual gold flakes on your nails only to remove them in a few days (or a few hours, depending on your mood.). But I love it. 
I'ma put some gold on my if I wanna.

This polish retails for around $30 depending on where you get it. Very pricey, but hey, it's a collectible! Justified.


  1. The pastel gradient with the gold flakes look amazing!!! Who would've known? :)

  2. I love the gradient! I've been thinking on and off about getting this, but like you said it feels so weird to put gold on your nails and then just take them off and throw them away. But it looks so pretty! If anyone comes out with a not real gold top coat that looks this good I'll definitely want it. Great look without the guilt!

  3. I like it the most over the gradient :) SO freakin' awesome. My hubs surprised me with this one last week, I never thought I'd actually get it lol.

  4. wow the gradient manicure is awesome with that topcoat over it! I am thinking of asking for this for christmas!

  5. the gradient is too cool. I love it.

  6. Jeez! Collectible indeed lol. It is very nice though.

  7. I reallllly love this over the deep, vampy shades. It looks great over the pastels, too! I think it's just all-around awesome, no matter how you slice it.

  8. soooo jealous, id love to get my hands on this! the gold over the gradient is AMAZING!!

  9. soo obsessed with gold flakes right now, and the gold bottle...sigh, want a back up!! love it on the gradient!

  10. I LOVELOVELOVE it over the gradient! And I already have a gold flake topcoat, but I am seriously considering buying this because the bottle is shiiiiny! :)

  11. Really pretty over the gradient - but not surprised as I have rocked this one over Essie Turquoise & Cacois. One of my favs so far to use as a base for this one is the royal purple (some say it's burple but I am seeing like royal velvet purple on my nails)...the Tomorrow Never Dies OPI from the Skyfall collection - this gold flake looks amazing over that shade. Odd I did not go right to Casino Royal like the OPI promo photos showed or the warm red shades that I love gold with...I cannot stop using it with this rocking purple from Skyfall.

  12. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  13. I love it over the gradient! I have Zoya Gilty set (it came with Gilty, Raven, Purity, and polish remover). Luckily, I got the set when it was $30. I put it over a dark burgundy color for my mom and she loved it.

  14. Just gorgeous! I loved the golden flakes over the gradient. If unicorns came from eggs, this is what I figure it'd look like xD


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