Monday, October 10, 2011

Color Club - Foiled Collection - swatches and review + stamping test!

Yes, another Color Club Collection from yours truly!
(Would you believe I still have 2 more to show you besides this one? What can I say - I'm addicted! When I post the next 2 sets I will show you my drawer of Color Club!)

This is the Foiled Collection and my mom bought me this in Vegas!
She called me and said "I found one of those long ones you like" and I said "YOU MEAN COLOR CLUB?"
I was pleased when she told me it said "Molten Metals" because I knew immediately it was the Foiled set!
I wanted this one really bad and was delighted to get it.

This set contains 6 foil shades and a topcoat.
The package just says "Topcoat" - but it is a very fast-drying topcoat. Faster than their 0-60 Speedy Topcoat.

One thing to mention before showing you the swatches is that a lot of the silver pigment sticks to the sides of the bottles and can make the shades look lighter and more silvery than they actually are. A good shake can fix this!

These are almost one-coaters but all of my swatches are 2 coats to eliminate any bald spots.
On to the swatches!

The first is Perfect Mol-ten and this polish was named well - I give it a perfect 10!

Light seafoamy green foil, I have nothing else like it!
These are so foily and shimmery that it was difficult for my camera to capture them sometimes! Haha.

This is Antiquated, a soft gold foil.

Here's how it compares to a true gold, China Glaze 2030.
It is also similar to H&M Wawawoom but not exactly dupes.

Up next is Cold Metal, a royal blue foil.

This one is almost exactly the same as Orly Sweet Peacock, but Sweet Peacock has a more glittery look while Cold Metal doesn't. It's hard to see in the photo but you can tell that Sweet Peacock is just a bit more shimmery/glittery.

Hot Like Lava. Yup, this one is hot! Bright magenta foil, very vibrant!

Originally I thought this would be a lot like China Glaze Emotion but it is much brighter!

Foil Me Once is a light pinky-lavender foil and it is a beauty! I don't have anything comparable to this one. Love it!

Lumin-icecent is a light blue foil which is quite silvery. Very eye-catching!
You might remember I used this one for stamping in a design for my 31 day challenge.

So we know the last one stamps well, and foils in general stamp well, so how do the rest of them do?

It was difficult to get a photo that showed how well these do stamp, this is the best I could get!
If you're looking for some stamping polishes, definitely put this set on your wishlist.

This is one of my favorite collections from Color Club.
I can't even pick a favorite polish. Antiquated is my least favorite, but then the other 5 are just amazing!

You can find these sets for $7.99 at Ross in the US, $13.99 at Winners in Canada, but they go fast, so go look ASAP!
You can also get them for $21 (and up) on some websites like Transdesign.

I hope you enjoy my many Color Club sets, and keep your eye out for 2 more coming soon!


  1. I think I start to like some of them now! :P I think those are gonna be added to my stash xD

  2. hmmm.. soso
    i don't like it sooooooo much ;/
    i don't think mettalic is for me ;/

  3. omg I want these all! Too bad there is no Ross in my area. When I checked online they were all sold out! :(

  4. I just got this one, and love it to death

  5. i just got this today from winners. YAY! can't wait to use all of them. Thanks for the swatches I am really happy I got it.

  6. I just got this a winners! I love it!

  7. Yes! I love these! And I love stamping with them!

  8. beautiful colors!

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  9. These rock! I'm def going to have to get them now!

  10. I wish that Color club polishes would be that cheap in Finland too! In here they costs about 10€ ($13) per bottle!

  11. lolll "those long ones you like", that's hilarious! I saw these in my hometown while I was back for thanksgiving but I didn't pick them up because I figured they weren't going to stamp well. What a mistake! I gotta find them again now.

  12. i have three of this set (2 are gifts that are waiting to be given!) and i was wondering why each one looks so silvery but then doesn't have silver on the nail

  13. OMG LOVE them!!
    I'm all for polishes like that thanks for showing