Sunday, October 23, 2011

a-england - Tristam

Hi guys! I have a great fall polish to show you today.

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know I don't usually love dark colors. But this one is a winner for sure!

a-england - Tristam.
This is a gorgeous deep blue subtle holo that covers great in just 2 coats.

I would describe it as a deep denim blue. It looked great with my dark blue jeans! Haha.

I wore this polish for 4 days (with Seche Vite) without a single chip!

The holo is subtle... But it is in there. Sometimes it is better to have a holographic polish that is not in-your-face but still has that special rainbow effect.

a-england also has a deep purple polish just like this one called Lady of the Lake... And now I think I need that one too!

You may be thinking, "Rebecca, where did you get this great polish from England?"
The answer is llarowe!
A lovely lady named Leah Ann runs the store, and she is providing polishaholics everywhere with international brands! You can get Glitter Gal, Ozotic, piCture pOlish, HITS, and of course, a-england! The majority of the things in the store are holo. Holo lovers rejoice!
(Have you seen the HITS holos from Brazil? Oh my!)

Most of the brands she sells are very expensive to bring in from their respective countries, so let's all thank Leah Ann for being awesome!

You can purchase this polish here for $12.00.


  1. I've had my eyes on the lacquers from a-england, but I still don't own any of them yet. This blue one is really pretty. :)

  2. That is gorgeous on you and thanks so much for the review! :)

  3. It's amazing! Looks great on you!
    Oh and good luck on the challenge this week :-)

  4. Wish I had known she had a store! I just bought a polish through her on ebay, but would have bought more had I known! Bookmarking her site now...

  5. I'm so jealous! I ordered this polish over a month ago from the a England site and I STILL haven't gotten it. It's hard to be patient knowing this polish is on its way!

  6. great effect!

  7. Wow this is amazing! I really want this polish.

  8. I have this one, but haven't worn it yet. I have Lady of the Lake, too, and haven't worn it either! And what did I do today? Ordered 2 more a-englands! Okay, I *have* worn Elaine!