Sunday, October 16, 2011

Flormar Supershine Miracle Colors - U33 - swatch and review

Hi guys!
Some of you may have noticed that I am missing a day every now and then in my blogging schedule - this is because I am super busy lately! I promise I'm not dying off, I'm just too busy to sit down and right a post every day!
Tomorrow I'm going to try to sit down and write up a few posts for next week to help myself out.
So never fear, I'm still around, just sometimes life gets in the way.

Tonight I'm going to show you a beautiful polish that I lusted after for quite some time!

This is Flormar Supershine Miracle Colors U33. I first saw this baby on Emerald Sparkled, and started the hunt for it immediately!

Here are some more bottle pictures...
(The orange and pink flash don't show up on the nail.)

So how did I get my hands on this international goodie?
My friend Ruth from Spain found it for me (after much looking!) Thank you so much Ruth! I'm very lucky to have found such lovely polish friends all around the world to find me things like these.

Now, as I'm sure you know, polishes like this require many photos. And I'm just going to post them mostly back to back because I can't say something witty about that many photos all at once.

This is how it generally looks in the light. Almost black base with bright blue shimmer!
This polish covers perfectly in 2 coats - you don't need to layer it over black.
I probably am including too many pictures but you don't mind, right?

Blue, teal, indigo, shades of purple...

The purple flash is sometimes hard to find, but once the light hits it right, it is so intense!
I took these next two photos with my iPhone to try and capture the nail showing teal/blue/purple all at once.

And I have saved the very best photo for last.
Enlarge this one, ladies. Trust me, you need to.

What's the verdict? Are you lusting for this now like I was? (I bet you are.)


  1. i should have not looked at this because i want this now and i don't think i'l ever get my hands on this... so happy for you for getting lucky with this! oh it is soooooooo freaking amazing : )

  2. Lemming created, such a pretty polish.

  3. Oh man, when I saw this on Emerald Sparkled a few months ago I went crazy trying to get it & finally did from another state here in's so beautiful

  4. There is so much happening with this nail polish that just makes me swoon <3

  5. This one is really beautiful. I saw it a while ago in a local store, but I wasn't carrying any money with me and when I got back it was gone.
    I will get you next time, U33 :)

  6. When I saw this polish in the store I had to buy it immediately! It´s an amazing color :)

  7. It's absolutely stunning Rebecca!!!!!!! If you ever need any of the other colors just let me know ;-)

  8. WOW! I think I need this now... thanks Rebecca!

  9. It's so beautiful! I gotta get my hands on it.

  10. Gorgeous polish. Reminds me of a beetle

  11. What an interesting polish! I've heard about this brand just yesterday! But the only site I found where they sell these didn't had much interesting colors :(

  12. hmm, gorgeous effect!

  13. wow!! I love your pictures, absolutely beautiful.

  14. I just got this an you're right it's totally amazing polish, great photos

  15. lovely stunning....

  16. I really like this brand - cheap, good quality polishes with a great formula and (at least here in Spain) easy to find! This one looks amazing, I should look for it soon :)

  17. Holy Hannah! Super gorgeous! I honestly feel you should give this to your internet mom!

  18. I'm sad because I can't find any friends who have seen these to get them for me and I've not found them online to get them! :(

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