Wednesday, October 12, 2011

massive e.l.f. review! part 2

Hi guys! This post is gonna be a long one so let's get right to it.

I'm going to show you half of my e.l.f. polishes today!
A lot of you seemed really excited about seeing these swatches so I hope you like them.

I'll start off by saying that the colors of the polishes on the website are not quite accurate, but pretty close.
And the formula on most of them is shockingly good! And considering these are just $2 each, they are a really good deal.

I had heard before that they were not great but I found mine to be awesome except 1 or 2.
Most of the shades have a sticker that reads "New Improved Formula!" and I really do think they must have improved it!

On to the swatches!

Innocent, Desert Haze, Nude, Smoky Brown
First I'm going to show you the neutral shades.
These first 4 have a great formula and dry really quickly.

Innocent is basically the perfect nude for my skin tone. The formula on this one was really lovely and it takes 2 coats to cover perfectly.

Desert Haze is very similar to Innocent but a bit darker. Same great 2-coat formula.

This one is called Nude but as you can see it is a bit more of a peachy color than a nude. Again, 2 coats, great formula!

This is Smoky Brown and it again has a great formula and almost covers in 1 coat, but you need 2.
This one is an exact dupe of OPI You Don't Know Jacques. Great dupe for a much better price!

Punk Purple, Royal Purple, Purple Dream, Dark Glitter Purple
Now for the purple shades!

Punk Purple. This one is not the newer formula and you can tell because it does not dry as quickly. It does cover well in 2 thin coats so that is still a plus!

This is Royal Purple and the last photo is the most accurate. This polish is really pretty but the formula isn't the best. It takes 3 coats to cover and you need to let it dry between coats to avoid streaking.

This is Purple Dream and this is also very pretty! The third photo is color accurate, and in the second photo you can see the fracture in the bottle! This is the one that broke in shipping. The fracture doesn't go into the polish, just the bottom of the bottle, so it is okay!

This is Dark Glitter Purple! See how pretty it is? It is a deep, almost black, inky purple, with blue and fuchsia microglitter in it! It's very pretty and I really like it.
This is just 2 coats!

Mango Madness, Dark Navy, Matte Finisher
Now for three random shades that don't fit in another category!

Mango Madness is what I would call the "problem child" of my e.l.f. haul. The formula is really thin and doesn't dry quickly. And I'm not a fan of the color. This one is 3 coats.

This is Dark Navy and I think this one is my favorite out of all 20! It's just lovely. This is 2 coats but it was almost perfect in one.

This is one coat of Matte Finisher over Dark Navy. This matte topcoat is decent but a bit streaky. It also smells stronger than the other polishes but that doesn't bother me.
I also tried a second coat to see if it would get better:

2 coats makes it much better but still a tiny but streaky. This is a great matte topcoat for the price, though.

That was a long post! I hope this helps you guys!
Remember, e.l.f. polishes retail for $2 each and you can buy them here!
And keep in mind, they currently have everything on sale buy-one-get-one-half-off or free shipping!

The products in this post were sent to me for review.


  1. WOW!!!!! I have to order these and for the price it is amazing!!!

  2. I got a couple of the ones in this post on the way. Of course one of them is Mango Madness, which was the bad one in your bunch. lol! I ordered the matte top coat also. I can deal with a little streaky since I don't own any matte. I'm glad to see that Smoky Brown,which I ordered, is a dupe for OPI You Don't Know Jacques since it is on my wishlist.

  3. Sweet! I will have to check my local Target and see if they carry those! Awesome post too!

  4. ooh the purple glitter is gorgeous!! as well as the Dark Navy, Purple Dream, and Royal Purple!

  5. Wishing I had ordered nude! I'm looking for a peachy nude, and this one looks like a winner! So glad I ordered dark glitter purple and dark navy! They look amazing! I look forward to seeing the rest of your e.l.f. stash!

  6. Gosh,,, what a lovely collection.... phew... so amazing other than neutral mango madeness, Punk purple & royal purple... lovely shades....

  7. The purples are really pretty! :) And I've been looking for a good underwear polish. I'll just have to wait til the european ELF has free shipping again :)

  8. I've seen some that are going on my wishlist! Thank you for the swatches! :)


  10. I looove the first ones!

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  11. Wow, these were $1 last year. I know $2 is still cheap but 100% markup?

  12. I totally love all the beige-brown shades.

  13. Dark Glitter Purple!!! I must get this one!

  14. These are some really pretty polishes! Great swatches!