Friday, October 7, 2011

Tag: As time passes by...

Hi guys! Quick post from me today because I am a busy lady this week!

Polish Amor tagged me in this cool tag - the point is to post a photo of what your nails used to look like and what they look like now!
I'm going to post a few pictures because my nails have changed a lot, and still change! Haha.

Here is the first nail photo I ever posted!

Not that different from now, right? That's because I started blogging just as I got good at doing my nails and decent at photographing them!

But I did have a big backlock of manis to post and they were not so well done...
So here are some examples of my first attempts at nail art and the photography involved!

Great photo angle, no?
Short/uneven nails, awkward photo, messy cuticles...

That picture is just tragic.

Just look at the shape of my nails. LOL!

And here is how you generally see them today!

You see lots of pretty swatches...

Sometimes I let them grow...

Sometimes I make 'em short...

And most times they're somewhere in the middle.

I've certainly improved, haven't I?
The lesson here is, never fear if your nails aren't perfect now, because with practice and patience, they can be! My nails are living proof.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!


  1. Of course awesome improvement!!! yaay!!

  2. Nice post! I am as guilty as anyone of wanting to be perfect right away. But it does take practice and patience. Love your style, Rebecca!

  3. Cute! I actually really like your blue and silver BM one there, I always liked that print but no idea how to use it.

  4. huge improvement of course blogging helps so much in making us care for our nails :)

  5. Yes, you have definitely improved :) I love the last color combination!

  6. this is my favorite post!! i love seeing how people grow!

  7. Oh yes, posting pics with messy cuticules... been there done that! Lol! ;)

  8. Such a great post! Sometimes I feel like going back and deleting the first two months of blogging because my photos, manicures, and cuticles are horrible! haha! Great post!

  9. I loved seeing your "before" photos! Thanks for sharing them!

  10. I love the blue and pink polka dots!

  11. i love the first ones!

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  12. The snake skin one has been one of my favorites.

  13. What a fun post, Rebecca! You definately improved. Your dotted, blue and pink mani is one of my ultimate favorites!! It's suits the length of your nails perfectly <3

  14. Your nails have changed a lot ...... your first manis were still cute though!