Monday, October 3, 2011

China Glaze Let It Snow Collection - Snow Globe & Twinkle Lights

Yes, more Christmas collection swatches! In October...

Somehow, a beauty supply store here already put out the display and gift sets for the China Glaze Let It Snow Collection.
At first I was going to get one of the gift sets (with fingerless gloves!) but then I realized that I needed the glitters and not another blue or silver polish.
Last year, I sadly missed Party Hearty, the Christmas glitter. I was not about to do that again. So I got two of the glitters!

China Glaze Twinkle Lights, China Glaze Snow Globe
Twinkle Lights is the new Christmas glitter for this year, and Snow Globe is a re-release from the specialty colors collection in 2009.

China Glaze Twinkle Lights
This is four coats of Twinkle Lights. Four coats is a lot, but you need it for full coverage.
This glitter is comparable to the OPI Alice In Wonderland or Burlesque glitters. It's also the same consistency as China Glaze CG In The City.

Gold, green, and red glitter. Super Christmas-y. Very lovely!

The above picture is just 2 coats. It builds nicely and remains thin enough to wear even after 4 coats.

From a distance it has a bit of a greenish-gold overall look.

For those of you who prefer to layer your glitters, I've swatched Twinkle Lights over black and red on a wheel!

Look how gorgeous it is over black!
It's not as nice over red but still good.

I'm so happy I got this one! Now I won't regret not getting it in a few months like I did with Party Hearty.

Now for Snow Globe! This glitter is not something you could wear alone so I've swatched it over white to show the pretty iridescent colors and for the best snowy look!

China Glaze Snow Globe
This is one coat of Snow Globe.
The formula on this one is a bit thick.

I love all the pretty iridescent colors! There are small and large pieces in this glitter and it really looks snowy and pretty!

And here it is at 2 coats! This was a bit too thick for my liking, but the result is so pretty!

If you look closely you'll notice that there is some sort of shimmery clear glitter as well as the iridescent glitter. It's just so pretty. Good times.

That's how it looks on a natural nail. Not very pretty.
I've also swatched this over some other colors on a wheel!

Over other colors, the sheer iridescent glitter looks totally different and you always get a different look. And then over black it is just amazing!

Two awesome additions to my glitter stash. I totally recommend getting these!
These should be popping up in stores everywhere soon.

If you want to see the rest of the collection (yes, all 12 colors!) check out Kayla Shevonne's swatches here!

I think I'm on a roll! 2 awesome sets of swatches in 2 days. And I have 3 Color Club collections swatched and ready to show you too! Keep your eyes peeled for those :)


  1. The moment I laid my eyes on Twinkle Lights in the promo photos,
    I knew had to have it! Your swatches just confirmed it :)

  2. Pretty much need both of these. Wonder where I'll find them!

  3. Oh I love it on the red. It look so Christmasy. Deck the halls!

  4. Snow Globe is amazing, been wanting it ever since the first edition! Must get in finally! And Twinkle Lights is like last years party hearty just smaller, same colors ;) love!

  5. Wow glitter explosion!
    :) Loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I've yet to try them both. :) Snow globe looks seriously cool over the green!

  7. Wow! So exciting, I really really want Snow Globe!

  8. Woooow, I *need* Snow Globe! Fantastic and useful swatches.

  9. OMG i really want Snow Globe!!!! over black looks amazing!!

  10. I love Snow globe! Had it on a lot during Spring, over pastels.

  11. Oh I MUST own both of those - they are sensational and I have a soft spot for glitters *winks*

  12. Go Away with your Let it snow collex and muppets collex =0D just playin pretty <3 you cupcakes

  13. Snow globe in white rocks!!!!!!!!

  14. I need snow globe now! It looks great on everything!

  15. I love China Glaze Snow Globe! So glad I got this one!

  16. I like Twinkle Lights better than Party Harty. PH is really limited to JUST the few days or the week of Xmas or you look like a goof ball. But I could see wearing TL a little longer through the season and putting it over other shades - it's more subtle than Party Harty. I just ordered a Snow Globe and thought odd - I knew it was on a lot of folks wish list - thought I just got lucky - now I know, someone picked it up early as you did! Had no idea these were out and about. But then I don't get out an about that much.

  17. I really like them both, especially Snow Globe over black.

  18. I love these!! thanks for sharing!

  19. Twinkle Lights is SO MUCH MORE gorgeous than I thought it would be! Thanks so much for the swatch, I was waiting for one!

  20. Hi, I just wanted to tell you that Party Hearty is still available online if anyone is looking for it. I always buy from the online store victoriasnailsupply dot com and it is currently in stock and for sale for only $2.95, as well as many other polishes that are hard to find. Just thought I would pass this along to anyone who might want those limited items without paying the hefty prices on ebay!! Great blog!