Thursday, October 20, 2011

China Glaze - Shaken Not Stirred

Are you guys ready to see another great older polish from China Glaze?
I'm ready.

China Glaze - Shaken Not Stirred.
This one is actually a year older than the last two I have shown you, but I got this one for cheaper!
This is from the 2005 Martini Pedicure collection, and at some point, I want to get a few more from the collection! (Okay, maybe just Martini Pedicure itself. I just noticed that the person I bought all these from on eBay has that one but he has it listed for more than I would like to spend...)

Anyway, Shaken Not Stirred is another of these oldie China Glaze polishes with the gorgeous shimmer.

You might be thinking, "Doesn't this one look like No Way Jose?"
Well, yes. Sort of. You probably don't need both.

As you can see, Shaken Not Stirred is a bit more pink than No Way Jose.
But they are both very pretty and I am happy to have both!

Just one more post in my set of oldie ChG! The last one is different from the others. Look out for it tomorrow!


  1. Oh both are gorgeous! Love. :)

  2. Very pretty. I think I like NWJ better than SNS, but you are right, they are both quite nice!

  3. You were major lucky to get this for cheap...they are hard to find and usually when they turn on on eBay are quite pricey. It's a great shade. I have not wanted to spend that kind of $ on the 2nd market for a CG however. I keep thinking CG will come back with something similar give it another 2 yrs.

  4. looks awesome on you! really pretty pink.

  5. pretty :) But first thing that comes to my mind from the name is James Bond, so the name really doesn't fit with the color :)