Tuesday, October 18, 2011

China Glaze - No Way Jose

Hi guys! Today I'm going to show you one of my new favorite polishes.
I have been wanting this one for a long time.

I saw this one around on some blogs a while ago and added it to my wishlist, along with a few other older China Glaze polishes. I never thought I would actually get around to buying them, but on my birthday last month I decided to buy myself a little present!

Okay so maybe it wasn't a little present.
I wanted No Way Jose. And 100 Proof Pink. And then I realized I could get Shaken Not Stirred for just $6. And then no one bid on Drinkin' My Blues Away... So I got that one too. Shipping combined on all of them.
If you average my total I paid around $9 per polish. That's not really a lot. A lot of polishes retail for more than that when brand new, and these are old and harder to get!

I'll be showing you my favorite (and the one I paid the most for...) first.

China Glaze - No Way Jose. Do I regret this purchase? No way Jose!
The first photo is the most color accurate.

I think it is the shimmer in this polish that really had me hooked. The shimmer is so interesting, and I don't think it is very common.

It's just so pretty. It's a bit sheer, this was 3 coats, and I could have done a 4th.

I just adore this polish. It is the perfect shade of purple, with perfect shimmer.
Super stoked to have this in my collection!

I'll be posting about the other 3 polishes in my next 3 posts so keep an eye out for them!

P.S. Remember my melmers? I bought 2 more... They were on sale, and I am about to run out of room in my first two, so it was good timing!
So it's time to decorate! Once I get it all done, I'll be showing you guys an updated collection and storage post. I know how everyone likes those!

Goodnight <3


  1. Oooh, how pretty! I have wanted this for a while but I can't bring myself to pay for it. Maybe when my next birthday rolls around... :)

  2. No Way Jose is so lovely! I need to get myself a another Melmer after I move.

  3. Ah so pretty! Love them! Do you have any posts on here that show how you paint your nails so perfectly!?

  4. I got No Way Jose for $2 at a nail supply store. While I loved it in the bottle, I'm not a huge fan of it for my skin tone.

  5. When I hear no way jose I would picture a blue polish for some odd reason lol .....

  6. @BrandiBeeee - i don't yet but it is on my never-ending to do list!

  7. This looks awesome! I love purple polishes. :)

  8. *Runs to add No way Jose to my wishlist* Loves it!!

  9. ): I want it!!!! I need all four of them.

  10. No way Jose is so beautiful, it's just been added to my wl.

  11. hey there (: which ebay seller did you get those polishes from? thanks!

  12. @simplicitychic - smithrdblue1 :)

  13. wow, if you think that buying 4 polishes is a "big" gift to yourself, I won't even tell you how big my hauls can get. LOL

    These are all GORGEOUS polishes!! They're really tasty! * rummages through you blog to find swatches of these polishes* I've already seen 100 Proof Pink, now I have to figure out what other 2 are called. ;)