Thursday, October 6, 2011

Color Club - Back To Boho Collection - swatches and review

Hi guys! Today I'm going to show you some Color Club swatches!

Ah, Color Club. One of my faves.
I just love the 7-piece sets. I want them all!

Today I'm going to show you half of the Back To Boho collection.
My mom bought me this set at Ross in Las Vegas for $7.99! 7 polishes for $7.99!
That is $6 cheaper than what I pay when they happen to show up here at Winners.

This is the all-creme set, or Set A.

This set includes 6 creme shades and Stuck On You Basecoat but I'm not absolutely sure if the bottle included is a base coat. It's clear so it seems like it could be just a regular clear coat or topcoat but I did try it as a topcoat and it did not dry very quickly, so maybe it is a basecoat. I'm not sure!

Time for pretty colors!

Nomadic In Nude is the first shade in the set and it is absolutely lovely. Nude colors aren't for everyone but this is a gray-toned nude and I love it!
This takes 3 coats for full coverage.

Deborah Lippmann's Waking Up In Vegas is quite similar to this color in the bottle but once on the nail, the Lippmann dries much darker.

This is Earthy Angel and she ain't no angel. I hate this color. I don't even know how to describe it.
Orangey brown? Light terracotta? Yuck.
2 coats.

Up next is New Bohemian. And there is nothing new about this color...

I feel as if it is somewhere right between Essie Turquoise and Caicos and China Glaze For Audrey.
But, my girl Dori did a nail comparison of the CC, CG, and an Orly, and they look identical.
If you have For Audrey, you don't need this color.
But if you are like me and you use For Audrey a lot (note where the polish is in the bottle...) maybe you do need it...
New Bohemian takes 3 coats for perfect opacity.

This is 3 coats of Shabby Drab. This is a lovely color and it is so flattering and wait... hold on... don't I know you already?

Oh yeah, Zoya Caitlin. Yet another dupe in this collection.
If you have Caitlin, you don't need Shabby Drab.
But again, like the case of New Bohemian/For Audrey, I freakin' LOVE this color and I don't mind that I now have 2 bottles of it.
But this is a bit frustrating, isn't it?

This is 2 coats of Rad Nomad. This color sure is rad and even more rad is the fact that I don't think I have a dupe. Deep purple-toned gray.
It's much deeper than any other similar color I have. (I think. I could be forgetting something. You know how it is.)
Muy beuno. Me gusta. (Do you like my Spanish?)

Red-ical Gypsy. Boring! When swatching this color I realized I don't own any red polish by Color Club and I think that is because red is boring and CC is not usually boring. But this color is boring.
It's a perfect blood red I guess but in no way is it unique. I'm sure every polish brand has the same red!

4/6 of these colors are not original. However, with the exception of the red, the colors are very trendy and awesome and would be great for someone who doesn't own the color already.
One color is just ugly. I'm sorry. It's ugly.
And one color is lovely and not a dupe!

Overall I do really like the colors in this set and I think you should buy it - only if you don't have the dupes.


  1. Hhahaha this made me laugh. I got the same set and I can see the frustration with some of them. Can't beat the price, though!

  2. wowww All color are really good how come cheap cosmetic that good i always like to use drugstore brand these big companies are earning on the name of brand good review can you please help from where i can get that set?

  3. Since I don't own any of the colors you mentioned it would be a good set for me..but I doubt I will ever find it. I actually like the Earthly Angel color too.

  4. I need to go to Ross. Seriously. Love that first one. You know me and my nudes.

  5. I saw that collection at Winners yesterday in NB. I almost bought it! but opted for the foiled collection instead.

  6. @SadeeStyle - you can get them in the US at Ross or online at

  7. I got that same set at a Ross in Henderson (just outside Vegas) a couple weeks ago! I live here in Henderson though. I tried using the clear as a basecoat instead of my usual Orly Bonder and it chipped like crazy! And I am currently wearing New Bohemian, with accent nails done with a water marble of New Bohemian with Twiggie and Chelsea Girl (Color Club Poptastic)

  8. Fantastic review and a fantastic collection just for the cheapie versions of the expensive brands - thanks for the awesome swatches!

  9. i love all of these color actually!

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  10. Thanks for swatching these! I just found the full collection (both sets) at Winners yesterday PLUS the foil and pride collection.

    i find that around the time Ross starts to get the collections in, Winners starts to get them in too :)

  11. I didn't know about all these dupes! Thanks it was really helpful!

  12. My fav one is Shabby Drab. Color Club did a lot of stunning collections this year! :)

  13. i love them all.. & I own them woohoo :)

  14. Shabby Drab is super pretty! but as you said, they are a lot of dupes there...but they are pretty! and I do find pretty the "ugly" shade :p

  15. I saw this at my Ross and ignored it :( Now I wish I had picked it up

  16. I think everyone and their mom got this collection recently! I got this whole collection and the foiled collection. I too love Nomadic in Nude, Shabby Drab and Rad Nomad too! Ahh Shabby was the one I was so excited about, and yes, I have Caitlin too...

  17. I can't find this brand in my area at all... I might have to go online and get it. I like the colors. I'm really into the crackle polishes and I think most of these would make for great base colors.

    I was hoping if you had the time if you would take a look at my new blog Let Me See Ur Peacock and maybe give me some feedback. Thanks so much :) Have a great weekend

  18. Ha! Had to comment because I saw this collection at Ross and passed, partly because I am a non red fan and partly because I was sure I had a shade close to New Bohemian. When I went back to the Ross thinking I would spring for it anyway, it was gone. :(