Wednesday, October 19, 2011

China Glaze - 100 Proof Pink

Good afternoon! As promised, here is another swatch of one of my recent oldie China Glaze eBay purchases!

Today's polish is from the same collection as No Way Jose, so they have the same gorgeous shimmer!
I actually lost the auction on this polish, and I messaged the seller to ask if they had another. And they did!

China Glaze - 100 Proof Pink.
Pretty pretty pink.

The formula on this one is more opaque, and it takes just 2 coats to cover.

Don't you love the shimmer?

Oldie but goodie, that's for sure.
Sorry if I just added this to your wishlist!


  1. I love this color and definitely the name! Never heard it before! :)

  2. Pretty! How does it compare to the Fall 2011 OPI shimmery pinks? :)

  3. @CCouture - i don't actually own them but i have seen them, this polish is much more of a true pink and the shimmer is brighter! :)

  4. I'm not really into shimmers but this is gorgeous!

  5. Great shots - thanks. I have been looking at this shade on the 2nd market thought I wanted it but hate to spend the extra $ on a CG and then get it and feel sort of meh over it. You moved this shade up on my lemming list now a # of notches!

  6. @beachgal - i'm sorry/you're welcome!! :)

  7. wow, LOVE! I wonder how it compares to ChG Strawberry Fields. They look really similar but, I think that 100PP is slightly darker and more opaque,