Saturday, March 9, 2013

I Love Nail Polish - Babes In Toyland

Ooooooooh boy, have I got a good one for you today!
Let's get right to it.

I Love Nail Polish - Babes In Toyland
Pick your jaw up off the floor. I'll wait.

I can't even explain to you how much I love this polish! The glitter is perfect. Circles... Squares... Hexes... Bright colors... GAH.
And this is just ONE coat! The density is amazing.

It is so freakin' pretty. I want to layer it over everything.
I love ILNP. So much. The brush, the bottle, the cap, the packaging, the polish, the label. All of it. I love all of it.

Here's the base on its own:

OPI - Gargantuan Green Grape
This mint green made for a nice base color but sadly the formula is really thin and I needed 4 coats to cover all the bald spots.

I felt like also trying to sandwich the glitter, which was super cute too of course!

Add a coat of OPI - Don't Touch My Tutu! and you get milky glitter goodness. Yum.

Okay, I think this is officially my favorite indie polish.
What are you waiting for? Go buy it right here in the shop.
And check them out on Facebook while you're at it!

Product provided for honest review.


  1. OMFG!! This is sooooo gorgeous!!!

  2. You are right it is really great! I love I love nail polish too!

  3. Looks amazing! It's like a celebration on your nails! ;)

  4. This polish is gorgeous...seriously...but the undies are perfect. You have such a great eye for color. Love the whole mani. I had to add this to my WL as soon as I saw it...but I may not be able to wait...and I just got GGG regular and matte. Woot!

  5. I have this in my untrieds, and this post reminded me to use it! So colorful and pretty!

  6. LOve this look! the glitter is flawless

  7. omg the glitter sandwich is to die for

  8. thats a gorgeous glitter, that layering is perfection!

  9. Love the combination :) I tried the glitter sandwich too but I used my very first knockwurst as a base.

  10. This really is a gorgeous combination! I can't tell from looking at the bottle, do they have those rubbery/grippy caps like Orly does? That is a great feature I wish more polishes would adopt. Thanks for sharing! :)