Friday, March 8, 2013

Indie Polish - Wonder Lust & Poison Ivy

Hey guys! Today I've got an indie review for you.

This brand is pretty new and trying to get their name out there, so take a look!

Indie Polish sent me two pretties to try out. What do I like best about them? They're Canadian! Hooray!
Now let's see the polishes:

Indie Polish - Wonder Lust
This is a golden shimmer polish, sort of a "dirty" gold shade, which I believe makes it very flattering for my skin tone instead of yellow gold. The shimmer is very intense and the colors shift a bit.
What makes this special is the small purple holo glitters! They don't get lost in the base or show up all lumpy like some shimmer+glitter polishes do. They just give the right hint of sparkle when the light hits them!

This polish is available in full size for $8.50 and mini size for $3.95.

Indie Polish - Poison Ivy (shown over Wonder Lust)
Black and teal glitter! I love the shades of the large teal hexes. Really nice. This is just one coat! The glitter is nice and dense, you don't need to fool around to get a nice spread of glitter on the nail. Impressed!
This was inspired by the comic book character Poison Ivy, which is pretty cool.

This polish is available in full size for $8.50 and mini size for $3.95.

What do you think of Indie Polish? Do you have any?
Don't forget to check out all the other pretties in the shop and also check them out on Facebook!

Product provided for honest review.


  1. I am heading into the city to meet up with a local indie polish designer today! I'm about to purchase my first five! I have a funny feeling it will create a monster.

    I love sparkly polish and geekery, so Poison Ivy is an obvious win. Thanks for showing them!

  2. I just discovered this brand to day so am happy to come across some swatches too! I love the almost gingery tone of the gold- makes it so much more wearable, and I think those two look great together! Lovely glitter!

  3. sorry about the spelling error...naturally the one of 2 tagged that way would be sent to Rebecca and beautifully photographed.... I assure you we got it all sorted out! and I got 5$ for winning the bet of how to spell POISON against my husband (which was awesome)

    Thanks for the understanding
    Tanya from indie polish

  4. I never even noticed the spelling error!! LOL!

  5. no worries....LOL
    Thanks to this post I went and read all our labels last night.....the rest were fine. I thought it was funny because we had 2 written like this out of about 20 and we sent it to you when we knew there would be pics... Sometimes it's good to have things pointed out! ;)